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Fuel injection pump belt change

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Hello, I have inherited a 2011 3.0 V6 TDI Touareg with 130k. The fuel injection pump belt, roller, and tensioner are in poor condition. Is it necessary to lock the injection pump cog when changing this belt? I've read that this pump is timed to the engine. If I absolutely need special tools I can pick them up, but if a paint mark works fine I'd rather do that.

Any help is appreciated!
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This is the only reference I can find to changing the V6 or V8 TDI HPFP belt and tensioner. These are not listed as a service item by VW but they clearly have a finite life due to belt wear and aging and the bearing in the tensioner pulley wearing out. What experience do people have of these failing and needing to change these apart from this single post ? cheers Rohan
2012 Touareg CATA 192k,. Im fixing to change the timing belt on the pump myself before 200k .. I ordered the lockout tools off amazon which included Im assuming some others for different models.. Still trying to find a procedure on locking the system and changing the belt and tensioners.
Replaced, make marks and count teeth.. Make sure you adjust the tension on the tensioner correctly..
With nearly 200k on the original it was time to have some more piece of mind.
Make sure you do the hardware pullies and all.
No sense in being cheap over parts that have gone 12yr and 200k miles in my opinion.
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1 - 2 of 46 Posts