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  • bruceallen ·
    Thanks seafarer for the update on the bashplates re Dragline.

    I have been checking this post and missed it entirely indeed even a couple of days ago. I hope I can get the Plates as it will protect my radiator as well. Just hope there is sufficient demand, ie 8 plates to get Dragline up and running.

    Thank you again.
    homer ·
    Hi, Just saw your posts about the leaking sunroof. Would you mind sending me the pdf of the service manual? It would be useful in general but really handy right now with this leak.
    malefevere1 ·
    can't send a PM to you with my email.

    To be able to send PMs your post count must be 15 or greater.
    You currently have 8 posts and you can send PMs to following users only"

    You aren't listed as someone I can send it to.

    weedie ·
    Good morning, Tony. Long time no see, hope all is well with you and family. We have just booked a couple of sites for this years Treg muster. I see that you are in charge of the polo shirts again. Can I order one for myself in a size 3XL. Last years one was a very good fit and good quality as well. Let me know details when you get them and I will organise payment. Regards, Glen. Mob 0421 295236
    Treg-Syd-180-15 ·
    Hi Seafarer28, I've just joined and found your TregMuster thread. We won't be able to make the 2016 event although the 2017 is likely. Could you please add us as an interested party in any Treg related get togethers. Cheers, Chris
    trevmack ·
    Hi Seafarer. (we are newbees !!) I noticed you are on the mid nth coast, we are at Forster/Tuncurry and have just purchased a new V6 , we want to tow caravan and have had a reece towbar fitted, i have been told we need to get it wired for electric brakes on the c'van , any ideas where to have it fitted ?? Thank Trev
    weedie ·
    Good afternoon, Seafarer 28.
    Just saw that you are from MNC area NSW.
    We are just out of Kempsey, been here 9 years and finally decided to get serious about semi retirement. Bought the van thern the other half decided she wanted a 'car' to tow it. The landcruiser wasn't good enough.
    She has just picked it up and is currently on her way back from Sydney.
    Just want to thank you for your assistance with the towbar info over the past week or so. Give me a yell if you would like to catch up and talk shop. Mob 0421 295236 during bus hrs or 65 668862 a.h.
    Regards, Weedie. (Glen and Maureen)
    07tregtdi ·
    Hi Seafarer28,

    I have read that you ended up changing the spacers for the seikel kit. What was your reasons for this if I can ask?
    I like everyone else have been reasearching lift for our touareg ~30mm.
    I will be doing tyres soon but would love ~60mm total.

    Alot of others seem to try spacers etc then end up with the seikel kit so I wonder if i just pull the trigger on this and save mucking around with other options.
    Any advice is appreciated and if you are just too busy or couldn't be bothered I wont be offended.

    All the best Ben.
    billn ·
    Hi Seafarer,
    Do you still have the rims as I have a 2011 treg and I think they may be good for spares for my trip next year
    Rgds BillN
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