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Do you T1 and T2 owners out there have baby seat anchors on both left and right rear seats? I only have them on the seat behind the driver and have to use the seat belt to secure a child seat behind the passenger, just doesn't feel as secure as the anchors. Thanks
2008 V 8, and 2007 VR6. Got two car seats in the V 8 right now, both LATCH installed right and left. Used to have one in the middle (LATCH also, but using out left and right LATCH points). Now got rear facing passenger side and forward facing driver side. 2007 has same LATCH points but no seats in (daily driver/commuter for me).

Don't know what is going on for you. Older seat on one side (like out of older Treg? You have the LATCH emblem also only on one side?

Hope you got the hard child seat under cover, those save your seats! Got one pic of the brand I am happy with.


1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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