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  • ricksterv ·
    Hi fellow gasser..
    Just wondering if you ever had a rooftop carrier while you were towing your earlier TT, "the brick".
    I have been tempted to play with an air dam of sorts to see if my brick will let me at least coast down a missouri hill..

    My second journey has me staying in 6th or 7th to stay above 60 mph and I suspect it is the size and shape not the weight that is hurting me.

    quattroluvr ·
    Hi Spiegel,

    I'm in Portland, looks like you're in Oregon too.

    I'm outfitting my '13 TDI Treg for towing my new used Outdoors RV trailer (23BHS model) that weighs 7,000 lbs and i can load balance it for whatever tongue weight makes sense for the Treg (custom OR frames per model are nice!).

    I guess I'd better get some mirror extensions.

    I'm getting a Blue Ox Swaypro hitch for it.

    -- The main question is wiring for a brake controller - looking at a Tokansha P3, but there's no plug and play kit for wiring it for Treg. What did you do for wiring? I do have the OEM wiring harness and I think there might be a plug up under the dash somewhere?

    -- My main worry is the Treg trani holding up to the strain going over the coast range. Not concerned about the strong TDI motor. What's your experience?

    Leigh Anderson
    503-484-7056 a phone call might be easier?
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