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Like many other Touaregs I have seen, mine has cracked woodgrain panels.

I was never a fan of the fake shiny woodgrain look, so I decided to install some fake not-so-shiny woodgrain instead.

I used 3M Di-Noc adhesive covering. WG 430, which is Marine Teak. Why? Because I had a sample lying around the house. :- )

Here is the original woodgrain "insert". You can see that the plastic has already cracked on the surface.

The two trim pieces next to the steering wheel are the easiest to do, as they simply pop out with a little careful persuasion.

Here is the replacement piece installed:

A close up where if you look carefully, you can see the half tone of the printing.

Wider view:

The Di Noc film is rather sturdy feeling when you first feel the paper and apply it to the part. However, with a warm hairdryer or a heat gun set on low, it quickly becomes extremely flexible and stretchable. This allows it to wrap around the plastic parts easily. Stretching it around the corners allows it to conform to the corners without any wrinkles which would betray the appearance of "real" wood.

Here is the original left side piece:

And the left side piece recovered:

Both pieces installed:

The Di Noc film is very matte in appearance but does appear to have a little bit of "wood" texture to it. I was worried about the crackled plastic showing through, but the film hid those imperfections quite well.

The center console pieces all pop out once two screws are removed from behind the cup holder (On my T2, at least. I have not yet looked at how to remove the bezel cover from the rear HVAC controls.

The passenger side piece front dash piece requires radio removal to remove the securing screw closest to the radio. The door pieces all require the door panel to be removed, as they are securely fastened from the inside. Those pieces will be next, but first I have to go order some more film. :- )

I hope this helps folks who are considering what to do with their crackled woodgrain inserts but still want the wood appearance.
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