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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the forum.
I've recently changed my old Porsche cayenne turbo for a MY15 V6 TDI treg.
The car is great but it only has the base model stereo (although it has the RNS 850 head unit which works really well).
The sound is fairly poor compared to the BOSE in the old car (of course).
I'm after a wiring diagram for the car, specifically the audio system.
I'm going to upgrade the system in stages,
Firstly a simple speaker upgrade for the doors, most likely a 2 way split, alpine or similar.
Second an amplifier and/or DSP upgrade.
And thirdly a sub install.

Fortunately as Australian cars don't have adblue I have a large space under the spare wheel. I'm thinking of getting a second hand BOSE sub from the cayenne as they fit perfectly under the spare wheel and really work well.
I'm not looking to spend big dollars, as I have a new mantra with cars, which is to stop pouring money into them (the cayenne bit me really badly).
I understand that the screen is the front is just that and the brain of the unit is in the back of the car.

So a couple of questions.
1) where can I find a wiring diagram for this car (MY15 ROW). I've seen references to ERWIN but that appears only to be for US cars but I assume the wiring should be similar (it is for the cayenne's which are essentially the sae car)?
2) can someone tell me about the pin-outs for the head unit brain, does it have line level outputs somewhere or are they only speaker level outputs (I assume the latter), as this will influence the amp unit I go with. Most of the threads on stereo upgrades seems to gloss over the wiring. If I can get a pinout I can figure it out.
Darrin Smith
Perth WA
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