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Re: visibility

cptnhook said:
i have lost visiblity when driving thru rain. is your equipemd with the auto sensing blades. i turn mine to that position and never touch the wipers again. rain and large puddles no problem
Actually, while the car is equipped with rain sensing wipers, you cannot just leave them in the ON position and forget them. Even if you leave them in the ON position, once you have stopped driving, they will not automatically come back on when it starts to rain. It takes driver intervention to get them to go back into the auto mode. Either you have to shut them off and back on or you have to give the sensitivity dial a slight twist.

We have discussed this issue somewhere before and figure it could be a possible liability issue that VW wanted to avoid. say in case you went through a car wash with the wipers on AUTO and they broke because the started up while the car was being washed. This is especially true in car washs where you have to exit your car while it is being washed.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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