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It's been several years since I (twice) replaced my driver side window regulator.

Last week it failed, but it was a new problem. Back when I put the new regulator in, I installed rivets to hold it in place like the factory install. The problem was that the consumer pop-rivets that I put in were not of the same quality and strength as the factory rivets. As a result, they pulled loose from the torque of the window motor. And of course it failed in the down position.

Once again I found myself inside the door working on the window. I didn't have to repair anything else except the attachment points at the bottom of the regulator slides. This time, however, I used two bolts with loc-tite on the threads instead of rivets. These should be much stronger.

If you are installing new regulators, I highly recommend using bolts instead of rivets!

As a side note, when I was taking the door panel apart I accidently let go of the cable spool and it came unwound. That thing was a B*TCH to rewind - so keep a zip tie handy to secure that spool in the housing while you are working on the regulator.
"consumer pop-rivets?"
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