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Just got a new Reflex/Teak V10 TDI.

I needed a single SUV that could tow my trailer (about 5,000 lbs), not get stuck in the winter, get good mileage when towing and just toodling around, carry my dog, and be relatively modern.

After some thought, the TDI was really the only realistic choice. Except for the diesel-engined Excursion, there wasn't a SUV that had the torque to comfortably tow the trailer- and the Excursion is just waaayy to big, not to mention seriously ugly and crude. Did I mention it was really too big?

So that left the V10 TDI.

So far I have only about 100 miles on it so opinions are still being formed but initial impressions are that all the horses are answering the call, the transmission is a jewel (compared to the truck it is replacing- a F150/Harley Davisdon Supercrew) and the mileage is pretty remarkable considering the weight.

Can't wait to hook up the trailer and see how it performs under a real load but I guess I'll get a few more miles before I do anything serious with it.

I've heard stories that Cayennes have problems with brake controllers and trailers with LED lights, so I'm a little worried that the Touareg might not be a plug-and-play setup. I'm hoping the port-installed hitch and wiring with a Prodigy controller will do the trick.

Details are 2004 Treg with the usual options they all have, 18" wheels, and a 20' ATC trailer with an 1100-lb car inside.

Anyway, I'm still a noob with the truck, but I'm really enjoying it so far!


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Just got a new Reflex/Teak V10 TDI

BoostAddiction, I also want the Dooo-Ragg for all the same reasons as you. I happen to be dumping a Harley Davidson F-250 with the V-10. Did I mention it was toooo big, and a dog. (it couldn't even pull out my hedges in 4x4 low range?)

On Monday, I ordered a new 2005 Black V10 TDI. It is a fully loaded package.

Here is how it went:

When I walked into the dealership, the salesman comes up to me and says: "Can I help you?"
I say: "only if my legs fit in this thing."
They did.
So I say: "Now I want to test drive that V-8."
So I take one out.
This ride was the best I have ever had. Every creature comfort etc.etc..
I was fully impressed.
Now here is the kicker. I tell him how much I loved the ride, but I was only interested in the V-10 twin turro diesel.
He goes to his boss.
They check the computer.
He says they have one due to be delivered.
He also tells me it's black. (Which was the color I wanted anyway)
I called my wife and tell her "I am dumping the Ford F-250 and buying the Due-Rag, is it OK with you?"
She says, "I don't care what I do with your truck, it's yours."
I tell her " Now I know why I married you. I owe you a BJ. And I'll even let you drive it once and awhile, and Ill take the Honda Pilot."
Since then I changed my mind about the Pilot.

So, Today I thought to check with the dealer if it had the locking rear differential. They said it did, and also had the 19-inch wheels.

The dealer seemed a little confused or reluctant to answer questions, as they are not sure what it has yet. (Hasn’t been built) They are sure that it was the only one allotted to them. (NE Auto Outlet, North East Philadelphia)

Heck, they are not even sure if it is a 2004 or 2005. I bet it is the 2005. It will cost me $64,000.00 +. He also said IF it was a 2004, he would discount it.

They told me it would be in around mid to late October. I said I was patient, as I need to shop the F-250 around.

I will keep everyone posted as things progress.

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Yowza!!! The V10 crowd is growing. If I were in a different boat I think it would be a grea buy. I'm having a hard time not letting the ponies rip every 4th light.....likewise my 11.0 long term mpg in town.....heehehe The price of fun. :dance:

Maybe an Atlantan with the V10 will chime in?????

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Hi Will! Thanks for PMing me on TDIClub (I'm an administrator there). It turns out that I bought your Touareg this past Tuesday from a dealer in Maryland. It's a great truck and obviously well-maintained, and I think I ended up paying a pretty good price for it.

I'm in the process of going through it - the most obvious things at the moment are the passenger's side front wheel bearing (parts on order), the passenger's side bi-xenon headlight being out (I suspect it's more than just the lamp, as the lamp looks brand new), and the chips in the windshield. Hopefully I can get the windshield chips filled and pass inspection rather than having to replace the entire piece of glass.

Anyway, I'm definitely stoked about the V10... I've been eyeing these things since they first came out, and my time has finally come. :)

Here are some pics:

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