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Whispbar Throughbars and Whispbar WB200 bike trays up for grabs, all in excellent condition. I checked the Whispbar fit guide and these will fit all Touaregs with the factory 'raised roofrails' from 2008-2017.

Whispbar specs the S17 bars for the Touareg but I opted for the slightly wider S18 bars. They have a little overhang but give you tons more real estate up top. They are in no way too wide to the point of getting in your face though. I am 6'1" and they are definitely not in my way.

Whispbar is probably the most expensive option out there but in my opinion, the nicest by far. Incredibly quiet, great looks, super versitile... all that stuff. The bike trays come on/off in a matter of seconds and they fit both QR forks and 15mm TA forks. Just simply take the QR skewer out and flip a switch on the rack and TA mounts pop out. Once again in a matter of seconds. Seriously is an amazing setup for those who ride both road bikes and mountain bikes.

Locks included with the crossbars and the bike trays. Shipping to AK or HI will be extra. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Crossbars only - 350 shipped. Retail is 550.

Bike Trays - 175 each shipped or 325 for the pair shipped. Retail is 289 each.

Crossbars and Bike trays - 625 shipped

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