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Hi Treg lovers,

I have been toying with the idea of updating my trg from 2003, 7L, V6, 3.2lt to something later.

My dilemma,
1) I am looking for something capable of Long driving on our Australian open roads.
2) Capable off road Snow and Dirt.
3) I do like the V6 and can't justify the V8 or greater.
4) I am unsure as to which model would suit me best.
5) I have toyed with the idea of pneumatic suspension leveling systems, are they worth it?
6) As you are aware I have the 7L with a clunky Valve chest, I have thought of refurbishing one myself but unsure if my 7L is actually worth keeping as it is coming up to 220,000 Km and close 16 yrs of age.

you have replied to my forum posts in the past and seem quite knowledgeable in tregs of such. As you are based in the UK and I in Australia. Would you kind enough to help me decide and overcome the above dilemmas.

What model treg do you have and why did you choose that particular model?

Richard :confused:

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Hi Richard,
I'm in Brisbane. When I originally started looking for a treg, I was intending on getting the V6dti. I wanted the air suspension as a minimum. There was a V8tdi for sale and it was the cheapest in the land at the time, and it happened to be here in Brissie, so I went and checked it out because it was only about 5k more than the V6's I was checking out. Needles to say, I ended up purchasing the V8. I had heard that there was an issue with early V6tdi's in terms of one of the engine seals which I have seen a few in my local dealership getting repaired. I was advised that they modified the seal from about 15 onwards, so just be aware of that. Mine is a 13 model, and I absolutely LOVE it. What is there not to love about it. 250kws/800nm, six pot/four pot brembo brakes, full surround cameras, four zone climate, sports leather R-Line seats, radar cruise etc etc. Now, I know you can get some of those options on a V6 but you have to be lucky to find one. 0-100 in 5.8 seconds is nothing to sneeze about and the V8's are bulletproof from what I have been told. My vote is don't discount the V8TDI. As for offroading, I've taken mine on the beach, and it has surprised me, and my mate with his 14 model range rover sport. I've out all terrain tyres on it, and if you are careful with your driving, they shouldn't have too many issues on the beach. Of course, it will really come down to driver error rather than the cars fault if I was to get bogged on the beach, and I ain't doing anything stupid to put it in a position where it's going to be stranded. I've used it on off-road tracks in a national Park too, and again, it's going to be driver error rather than the car, as I would woose out before the cars capabilities were reached. It gets too expensive otherwise. You can get V6tdi's with a low range gearbox, but they are rare nowadays as they have become popular, and I've seen them do what I have been talking about on the national Park tracks, but do it alot easier. It will come down to personal preference, but have a drive of both. Oh yeah, the diesel V8 noise from within the cabin sounds just like a modern euro petrol V8 which I love as well.
Anyhow, enjoy your search.

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I'm in my second Touareg. Number 1 was a 2007 7L 3.0L TDI with 4xMotion (low range) and steel springs. Number 2 is a 2016 7P 3.0L 180kW TDI with 4Motion (no low range) and air suspension. I spent a couple of years in a Patrol between the two Touaregs so it's hard to compare the two motors. The new one has a little more power on paper but both have more than enough grunt. I think that the petrol motors were discontinued in Australia quite a few years ago so if you're looking at a newer vehicle it will be a diesel.

* Diesel is great for long range touring.
* You don't need low range for snow and dirt. IMHO you don't even need low range for ascending a steep incline with an automatic transmission, and the electrickery takes care of the descents.
* Currently air suspension is standard on the 180kW V6 and the V8 but the 150kW V6 has steel springs. I reckon my 7P with air suspension but without low range will take me further than my 7L with low range and steel springs could. "Pneumatic suspension" is not a "leveling system". It's a "ground clearance" system. That's not so important for outback touring but will come into play when you head for the hills. (OK, air suspension's leveling function is great for towing too). Another benefit may be the air suspension can be softened (Comfort setting) which may help on rough, corrugated roads.
* As Snerlo said, tyres are important and AT's will give better grip in the rough and be more resilient on our outback dirt roads. How well you do on sand is almost entirely dependant on how much you deflate your tyres. I have a second set of 18" rims with General Grabber AT's which have graced both my Touaregs.
* Mine has the radar cruise control which I love as it makes highway cruising so easy. It will keep you a constant distance from the car in front (Just like a Tractor Beam). I have even driven through towns, stopping at traffic lights, without touching either pedal.

I bought my 2016 7P from Glen Waverley VW second hand in 2017. It was ex-VW Executive Fleet and only had about 700km on the clock. Shop around, you'll find a good one.
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