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Where do you buy your tires?

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I'm looking to buy some new tires for my 2012 that have a load index of at least 115. 120 would be nice. But I'm struggling to find any from my standard local retailers.

Is there a site that I'm missing?

Just purchased a 27 foot jayco and looking to tow it soon! Want to ensure that tires are up too par before taking off.
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I bought winter tires and BBS wheels for the 2014 Volvo S60 I used to own from Tire Rack and the transaction was perfect. I wasn't worried about a local installer as the tires were mounted and balanced and shipped that way - I just had to loosen 16 nuts, put the new wheels on and tighten them back up. I'm a bit less willing to buy new tires from them and bring them to a local store to have my old ones switched out. My local VW dealer had a buy 3 get one free deal going up until last month but that's over now. But, another local store - Farm & Fleet - is still offering the 3/1 deal so that's where I'm heading. I love my Touareg but I don't race it or take it off road so I'm looking for something decent that will last - nothing lowball but nothing high-end either as I don't need it. I bought my 2014 R-Line VR6 25,000 miles ago (now has 72,000) and it had Cooper Discoverer SRX tires and with the 3/1 and a Cooper $75 coupon I could have the tires installed with everything - road hazzard, tpms, shop fees, etc for just about $1,000 right on the head. They have a 65k mile warranty and a V speed rating. I haven't had any reason to be crazy about or dislike the tires - they've been unnoticeable although I will say as they've become more worn they've become quite a bit noisier - something that was absolutely absent up until the last few thousand miles as they've worn. Any comments on either experiences with those or other tires you like would be appreciated as I haven't ordered them yet.
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You should have undone 20 lugs, not 16!

Are some lugs missing?!
No wonder why I had such a hard time busting them Obviously, you are correct - thanks.
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