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Where do you buy your tires?

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I'm looking to buy some new tires for my 2012 that have a load index of at least 115. 120 would be nice. But I'm struggling to find any from my standard local retailers.

Is there a site that I'm missing?

Just purchased a 27 foot jayco and looking to tow it soon! Want to ensure that tires are up too par before taking off.
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The Touareg copes with a difference of 3 mm tread depth between the axles and 2 mm between tyres on the same axle.

However, since apart from the hole in the middle which has to be exact for self-evident reasons, tyre sizes are nominal, all four corners should have tyres with the same size, same make, same model, same tread pattern.

Over the years some owners have copied Porsche's lower profile/wider rear tyres than the fronts by very careful matching of overall diameters but that's not for the average owner.
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You should have undone 20 lugs, not 16!

Are some lugs missing?!
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