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For those who say that the sunroof drain is rarely the cause, I beg to differ. My Jetta ended up with inches of water in it after a rain, my wife's Q7 had an issue with water, but luckily my TReg is still dry. Of all the cars that I've had, most of them have had to get the drain ports cleaned or replaced at some point in their life.

The latest issue was the Q7, and when I brought it in, the dealer said it was odd that there were about six brought in that week for the same issue. If you look at the schematic NICKYT sent, the bottom blow up is of the front pillar. Where the tubing makes the nearly 90 degree bend from the pillar to the dash area, there is a plastic connector that joins two tubes. This connector is also connected to the car to provide an anchor point. It is this plastic piece that broke in the Jetta and the Q7. (The Jetta was broken in the front and the rear drain)

After digging to gain access to the drain for hours, I gave up and called the dealer. I called my insurance also. I can't speak for everyone's insurance, but mine cut me a check for water damage. I used some of the money to fix it at the dealer, and used some to treat/replace the carpet pad.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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