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Hi guys,
Just wanted to update on my experience on this common problem that has plagued the Touareg it seems.
About 7months ago Justin before the pandemic lockdowns kicked in My 66 plate Touareg 3.0L V6 R-Line Contracted the dreaded wheel wobble problem.
after many visits to various dealerships and third parties no expert were any the wiser as a lot of you have found. Even VW seem to be clueless!
Well it turns out I may have just stumbled upon the issue. Many techs pointed to my tyres, which found strange at the time as they had about a 1/3 legal thread life in them. I took them off myself and inspected. No visual defects. Moving on a couple of months and the time came for a service and tyre change. Again I asked them to investigate and they could find no fault. After service I went straight to my trusted tyre dealer (I wasn’t gonna pay premium price for the same tire at the dealer).
Low and behold, when the rubber was removed from my drivers side rim, there was enough water inside to half fill A small bucket!
Don’t ask me how or when this got in, but I’m assuming a faulty forecourt compressor. If not may have had the buggy sitting in deep puddle for lengthy time in winter months!
Anyway long story short, if you suffer from this issue, don’t only get your tire dealer to check the balancing, have him remove the rubber! May cost you an extra tenner but we’ll worth it!!
If your issue started after/during wet winter months, defiantly check this!
I’d be interested to know if this helped anyone else and how common this is.
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