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I'm buying my first Touareg (2009 3.0TDI) tomorrow :cool: it will also be the first time I have owned a Sat Nav so am totally ignorant of it's ways (that is until I get hold of the manual and swat up).

But I've realised I forgot to check what version of the mapping it has and the dealer has gone home for the day and won't be in till tomorrow, when I arrive.

From the link
buying a used Touareg. What to look for.
kindly posted on my first thread it mentions:

Sat nav
Check for the latest version of mapping. RNS2/MFD2 is currently up to v9/2012 mapping. The latest firmware is V30. RNS510 Current version is version 8.
I take it the 2009 model is fitted with the 'RNS510' unit and this is the touchscreen console?

If so, how do I find out what version it has installed (I assume ver 8 in the ClubTreg thread refers to the map?) and with that how do I find out what firmware is installed?

Furthermore, 'if' the mapping is an old version, how much does it cost to upgrade to the latest? The same question for firmware - how is that upgraded - by a dealer or can it be done by myself?

I appreciate you might tell me to look at the manual but sadly I will be pushed for time tomorrow to get to a friends funeral hence looking to be forearmed with the knowledge in case I need to ask for a price adjustment.

Cheers all!

p.s. Can't wait to post piccies and update my profile!
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