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What makes VW 507 oil so necessary?

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I can't help but to think, if our vehicles-3.0 TDI motors-are so special, so expensive and so exclusive, why do we need the magical VW 507 spec. oil? What is it in our motors that makes them so seemingly magical that they need this oil we can't just by at Vatozone, Advanced Auto, Walmart, etc. and have to pay about $10 a quart for?
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Example - Datasheet for Castrol Edge 5w30 from Feb 2015, lists 507 spec:$File/BPXE-9TZR5R.pdf

Castrol Edge 5w30 U.S. data sheet from May 2016, does NOT list 507 spec:$File/BPXE-AA5D3W.pdf

Which one of these are you buying at your local auto store?
While I in no way suggested for anyone to change oil from what they get from the dealer at a fair price or feel comfortable with. Australian owners pay at least $25 a litre for 507.00 from our dealers. Or you can get 507.00 spec oil for $60 for 5L from a long term reputable Australian manufacturer . Can some one put context to the below questions from a Liquid Moly spec sheet attached.



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