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What makes VW 507 oil so necessary?

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I can't help but to think, if our vehicles-3.0 TDI motors-are so special, so expensive and so exclusive, why do we need the magical VW 507 spec. oil? What is it in our motors that makes them so seemingly magical that they need this oil we can't just by at Vatozone, Advanced Auto, Walmart, etc. and have to pay about $10 a quart for?
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I love threads about motor oil.
So do I - especially as I haven't had to add any oil between services to any of my cars for nigh-on 2 million miles now!

I regularly thrash the living daylights out of them yet they [all gassers bar one as in 3 SAABs, 3 Range Rovers, 3 BMWs, 1 Suzuki and 2 VWs] just don't burn oil!!
Someone said that 507 is good for the cam lobe wear, however, I have found from the dealer as well as all over the forums that the 2004 touareg TDI pumpe deuse engines (engine code bkw) need the 505.01 or 506.01 and that the 507 should not be used even though it is a newer oil. This only applies to like 800 early v10 touaregs in the US that don't have the DPF filter system. This is correct right?
We're not trying to MAKE 507.00 engine oil, so we don't need to know the details of the proprietary contents of any specific oil (and most would probably not understand them if we did know). But it would be helpful to have a qualitative explanation of VW's performance goals in 507.00 to distinguish it from other engine oil specifications. For example, we know that 507.00 requires "low SAPS" to protect the DPF (without knowing the detailed contents that meet this requirement), and so using an oil that does not have low SAPS will probably shorten the life of your DPF ($$).
Why don't you just ask VW in Germany for a simple explanation?
I thought the purpose of forums like this is for people to pose questions that they have, and then have other forum members provide them with any answers or information that they have. You know, sharing knowledge. The original poster asked why our engines need the "magical" 507.00 engine oil that we cannot get at our local auto parts or big box stores. Although some of us have attempted to discuss what is the "magic" about 507.00, most of the posts have dealt with side issues like 507.00 oil is not that expensive, don't put anything but 507.00 in your engine, or how you can get 507.00 at your VW dealer or online ordering.

So what we need to do is just send all of our questions to VW HQ in Germany? Sorry, my bad. ;)
Since you seem to argue somewhat pointlessly with many of the answers you get, it does seem you'd be better served in this case by asking the people who make the car then, perhaps, you can make a useful contribution by telling the rest of us what VW says.
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X2, no 507 for an early V10. Do your homework.
Liquid gold!
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