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what is the best way to storage a touareg for 5 months?

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its just a storage unit (no climate control)

what is the best way to keep the car for 5 months?
I read I should leave fuel full
what about battery? since its not too accessible.. ? windows..? what else should I concern?
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You risk flat spotting your tires. Look at the sidewall for the maximum pressure allowed for the tire and inflate to a few PSI below that pressure, or buy a set of these:

Flatstoppers | Car Ramps | Long Term Vehicle Storage
You can go all the way to the sidewall pressure with no issues, all needed safety margin is already in that number.
Some would say you can go at least 4PSI over since that is the normal rise wen driving.

But I don't disagree with using Flatstoppers.
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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