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wetness in rear footwell

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I started to get water infiltration in the rear left side footwell of my 2011 touareg (right side steering) a few months ago.
It seems to get wet under the foot mat after rains or washing the car, mainly on the inner side of the footwell near the centre console, without apparent dropping from above. The amount of wetness in not excessive, probably similar to about 200 ml of water being Spilled from a bottle.

So far I have only removed the plugs from the 2x 3 drains on both sides of the car, under the front and rear doors as well as the central pillars. Approximately 300 ml came out of the front drain on the left side.i have left these drains open. There does not seem to be any water in the boot, under the spare wheel.

I have also done the following test: I have dried the footwell and then washed the car on the outside but was not able to find any new wetness immediately after. When I then drove for a few kms, the wetness started to come back.

I have read many posts here on water leaks but they mainly seem to relate to the passenger footwell and/or the sun roof, which I don't have.

I am also aware that there are drains in the rear wheel arches under the covers that could be clogged. But I haven't attempted to access and check them.

I was hoping that somebody here might be able to point me on the right direction in light of the symptoms described above.


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check front plenum area. A known issue if the drains are blocked. Do a search here, you will find countless threads!
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