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Late 2007 Touareg 3.0 V6 TDI altitude UK spec
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Hi all
I had a small water leak in the valley around the oil cooler.
I thought is was leaking o rings but after draining down, stripping out the inlet manifolds, egr, pipework etc etc to my surprise the leak around the oil cooler was still evident.
I then stripped out the oil cooler / oil filter housing itself as i thought the leak was the metal gasket under the oil cooler.
With all this stripped out I still had water leaking out to the area around the oil cooler !!!
Behind the back of oil cooler position in the engine block under the turbo I notice what looks like two threaded blind holes but it looks like water might be leaking out of these holes even though the engine is drained !
Anyone know what these holes are (circled in red) or any other ideas because I am now baffled.
Any advice appreciated THANKS
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