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I'm going to have a chat with a friend at VW here (Spare Parts), give him the Chinese fix part number/s and see what he can find in respect to those, and any tech bulletins. Stay tuned.
The plan for today is:
1: Once the weather clears a bit, clean up and dry out the air boxes and associated pipework (air compressor + micro fibrre cloths)
2: Re-install the filters.
3. Hunt and seek operation at Bunnings (& maybe other outlets) for some adhesive weather stripping - the plan being to use this as a temporary fix to divert the water away from the run off that occurs from the headlights into the intake.
4. Install (at least the left side) the Chinese fix, and fabricate a diverter for the right hand side.
Certainly keep us updated. I would be intrested in the Chinese deflector parts if VW spare parts over here can sourse them easy enough. It looks very neat and tidy. And how should be, instead of VW suggesting to remove the valve.
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