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Water in exhaust

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My 2007 VW Touareg V6 has had trouble starting. At first, because it's so cold here, I thought that was the issue.

Second time in the shop (there right now) and the VW mechanics have drained a gallon and a half from the exhaust, as though I've submerged the thing. They said they have checked everything that may be leaking water into the exhaust and nothing.

I live in a windy and snowy climate, but I do not park any different than anyone else... outside my apartments or work, flat surfaces, etc.

The mechanic is saying that I need to park different (like back-in) or something. Has anyone heard of this or have any ideas what is going on????
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Maybe snow is blowing into the muffler? Even so, after 20 minutes of driving, it should be hot enough to not only melt, but vaporize any water and expel it out as water vapor.

Do you only do short trips? (less than 15 minutes)

Curious how they drained the exhaust. Ask them if they removed it or did they tip the front end of your car up? :- p
I drive daily and they are short distances... I live in a small town. However, I usually warm my car up when it's cold. Not to mention, I warmed it up the night before this happened...again.

I have no idea how they drained it. The car is still there. Just looking for help. This is the 2nd time this winter I've had to have it towed there because it wouldn't start.

I'm just so frustrated right now... :(
Have you checked your engine coolant levels. The Treg has an exhaust gas cooling system which may be faulty/leaking.

However I would expect that a 1 gallon leak would throw a coolant level warning.
As far as I know, the VW service men have checked everything and have no explanation for that much water.

Is it really possible that 1.5+ gallons could accumulate just from wind blowing in snow/rain??

I'm so lost right now... out of money, out of answers, and just frustrated. :(

Has anyone heard of this before?????

I remember this happening to someone else on Saturday March 16, 2013: just like you they were leaving the car ticking over to warm it up followed by short journeys in very cold weather.

Quite apart from the fact this is the worst thing you can to a car with regard to engine wear [and doubly so with a diesel!] the exhaust wasn't getting hot enough to keep the exhaust gases hot long enough to clear the exhaust system and they were condensing and collecting in the big suitcase.

The water then froze!

You will, I am sure, have noticed water dripping form exhaust pipes in cold weather - I strongly suspect that this is your problem which is exaggerated by the way you are using the car.

I'll have a look later but I have a feeling the garage drilled a small hole in each of the exhaust pipes just just before the muffler to act as a weep hole to allow the water to escape.

My recommendation, as much for the sake of the engine as well as filling the exhaust with exhaust condensate, would be to take a longer route to work to give the car a chance to warm up properly!
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Here you go . . .

As you can see, some folk got their knickers in a twist about the dealer drilling the holes whilst others pointed out it's standard practice for some car makers to, counter-intuitively perhaps, leave a weep hole in their exhausts!

See post #19 for where to drill the holes if you want to fix the problem of short runs!
I've heard of this with some BMWs too... short trips plus cold weather causing water to condense in the exhaust because the exhaust never gets hot enough boil it off. A gallon of water was about the same amount too!
Thank you for the info regarding drilling holes in the exhaust.

I live in a town of 10,000 people and every drive is a short distance, so I sent this link to my mechanics email to see what they think.

Another ques... drilling holes shouldn't cause any problems in warm weather right? I live in an all four seasons climate.

Thanks everyone.

Interesting thread. I am familiar with weep holes in exhaust mufflers, so this doesn't sound strange to me at all. Funny VW didn't think to add some seeing as the Treg is off road oriented and seems like water would be something that could get in, in that environment.

Are we talking just two small holes at each inlet (of the dual exhaust) to the suitcase or forward of this? Seems like a good idea for preventative wife makes short trips too...
See post #19 in the thread I attached.
Thanks, Nooby. I don't know how I missed that...
water condensing in exhaust - normal
Short trips will do it every time,especially when it is cold. You notice on cold days the exhaust will have steam coming out ,well it you go 5 miles and shut down that moisture is still in there. In a few months it accumulates.
Sounds like you just need to get out of town every now and then! :- )
Find a hill, climb it @ 70% power. Problem gone
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