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:chainsaw: :anger: :anger:
This is one C$#P bit of Legislation. Congradulations Michell Roberts.....You'll go down as the worst Police Minister EVER!!!! :drunk:

7 vehicles have been impounded in less than 9 days. My personal comments aside and RANTING over :-({|= .

Ok iv downloaded a copy of the Act. here's how it affects YOU.



Road Traffic Amendment (Impounding And Confiscation Of Vehicles) Act 2004

What offence have I been charged with?

* A Police Officer has witnessed you committing a driving offence (i.e. one or more of the following):
* Racing with another vehicle;
* Attempting to establish or break a speed record/s;
* Speed, acceleration, braking or steering capability is being tested or contested in any way;
* Skill of driver is being tested or contested;
* In a manner that causes smoke to come from one or more of the vehicle’s tyres or a substance on the road; and/or
* In a manner that causes the driving wheels to lose traction.

What’s going to happen to my vehicle?

* Police have the authority to have your vehicle towed away and kept from you for 48 hours. Importantly, you, the driver, are up for all towage and storage costs if you are convicted/found guilty.

Are there any exceptions to the 48 hour impoundment?

* Yes.
* If a member of the police force is satisfied that the impounded vehicle was stolen or hired, the car will be released.
* A senior police officer may authorise early release if there is a case for exceptional hardship if the vehicle remains impounded.

What happens if towing facilities aren’t easy to get?

* At their discretion, Police may elect to drive the impounded vehicle to the police station themselves OR if the driver is licensed and not under any impairment (e.g. excess alcohol), police may allow the driver to drive the vehicle to the station.

Can the Police seize my keys?

* Police may seize keys to the vehicle that has been impounded.
* Police may, without warrant, enter any premises to seize keys to any vehicle that is subject to a court order.

What if it’s not my vehicle?

* The owner of the vehicle will be notified by Police.
* The driver is responsible for the towage, storage and other relevant costs incurred in impounding the vehicle if found convicted of the offence.
* If the car has not been collected by the time the impoundment period expires (48 hours), the owner is responsible for post-impoundment fees.

How do I get the vehicle back?

* To obtain a letter authorising the release of the vehicle from the police station (see the Impoundment Notice for which station), you must produce a vehicle license/registration in the name of the owner and photographic identity support (e.g. drivers’ license with a photo, passport) and pay any costs.

Can it get worse than 48 hours impoundment?

* Yes.
* If you are convicted of a second impounding offence within three years of the first, the court may impound the vehicle for up to 3 months. In addition, the person convicted of the offence may have their driver’s license suspended and is responsible for all costs associated with the extended impound period. The Commissioner may refuse to release the vehicle until all such costs are paid.
* If you’ve been convicted of two or more impounding offences within the last five years, a court may order that the vehicle is confiscated. A confiscated vehicle becomes the property of the state. You may also have your driver’s license cancelled.
* This does not apply if the vehicle has been stolen or hired.
* If the court is satisfied that the vehicle was lent at the time of the offence, the court instead of confiscating the vehicle, may order it impounded for up to six months.

Do I get a warning that the vehicle may be confiscated or impounded for longer, depending on the court’s decision?

* Yes.
* 14 days prior to the court hearing, the Police Commissioner is required to provide written notice of the police intention to seek impoundment or confiscation of the vehicle. This notice goes to:
* The driver of the vehicle
* The vehicle’s license holder
* The Director General (DPI)
* Any other person whom the Commissioner is aware of who has or may have interest in the vehicle
* The public generally, in a newspaper having state-wide circulation

Speeding Offences

* People caught travelling at 45km/h or more above the legal limit also risk being charged with reckless driving under the new provisions and having their drivers’ licence suspended or even cancelled

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This is a great demonstration of what liberalism can do to a free society. Don't just punish the person..... spread the misery!!!!

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Personally i cant belive they managed to get this passed into LAW.

Its discusting :anger: :anger: :anger: :anger: .

New South Wales - Australia has similar laws but they arnt as harsh. Unforunatly Western Australia is a Police state having a higer % of police per person than anywhere else in Australia - Red Necks :anger: .

Im happy to pay fines or have my licence taken away from me fr 3 months - but selling MY car sucks.

I know that if you do the crime you do the time - BUT shouldnt the penaltys fit the severity of the crime?


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