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VWoA Says "Too Bad For You Mister TOUAREG Owner"

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So, VW is not going to help.

I called VWoA a couple of weeks ago, after talking to them countless times over the last few months, about replacing my TOUAREG for a new one - because this damn hum/vibration just can't seem to be fixed. (six visits to the shop and counting-and this doesn't count all the trips for the other stuff: i.e.: two stepper motors, new sunroof, two compass displays, alignment problem I had to pay for, tire wear problems, stereo amplifier problem)

So, today VWoA called me back and said: "VW will not be able to assist you with your request (vehicle swap) and will work within the guidelines of your warranty. We apologize for the inconveniences you've had."

Translation: Sorry your TOAUREG can't seemed to be fixed, and it's really too bad that you have spent a crap-load of time at dealer repair shops over the last year of ownership.... but that's just too bad for you. Keep your vehicle and keep trying to get it fixed and maybe one day you will be happy. F-U!

Of course, this translation is my interpretation of what VWoA really means.

As much as I like the new GTI that is coming out and as much as I would love to buy the V6TDI once it's on the market.... it isn't going to happen.

I will continue to work on getting my vehicle fixed - and if I have to spend all of VW's money to do it ----- I will. But when I get a new vehicle, it WON'T have a VW badge on it.

Sorry VW - you had your chance at winning a customer for life - but you blew it.

I still love my TOUAREG though and won't feel as bad about VW's decision once I drive my car ---- that's the pisser of it all.
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Have you checked your state lemon law? I'm not sure if your issues are covered under the lemon law, but sure sounds like a candidate. I have a 2004 that has been in the shop over 8 times for the starter not to mention several other issues.

Too bad, I had great hopes for the Touareg, but not any longer. I'm doing my best to work with the state and VW to get my money BACK!

*** Future Touareg owners if you are considering buying a Touareg and you are reading this - DON'T DO IT! ***
Have other Touareg owners driven your car and noticed the specific issue you are talking about? You are in CO where there is a strong group of owners. You should join them on a get together sometimes and swap cars.

Sometimes I wonder when someone is complaining about an issue that is not really black or white like a vibration, whether this is a real problem of something that is inherent in the vehicle and they all do it due to the design.

One of the things that you haven't mentioned them checking/replacing is the driveshafts. There were some issues with those in the past.
TregingCo - I have admired your tenacity and willingness to solve any problem positively w/ your car. It sucks that it has gotten to this point. I hope things improve.

jm1244 - You are a minority of the people who have a bad car. Sorry for you, but do you really think all the 80,000 plus Touaregs are Lemons? Why aren't they all posting comments like yours on this website? Or, why hasn't this horror story been on the nightly news?
Could you email me directly with more info on your vibration. I have a bad vibration with my Touareg and can't seem to get anywhere with it myself. Mine shakes like mad between 45 and 60 mph and it is significantly worse in the morning and seems to get better as the car warms up.

Thanks for your reply

Jason Haskell
[email protected]
My service manager (God bless him) and I have talked about getting together and spending the day driving new TOUAREGs, swapping various tires out on mine and even seeing if we can get our hands on a used TOUAREG with similar miles ------ just to make sure I'm not going batsh#t.

In the spirit of Martin Luther King: I'm going to "keep hope alive."

And.... a litte of this :drunk: probably won't hurt!
Jentregs I appreciate that you are one of the lucky Treg owners, and I don't doubt that I am the minority. However, when you purchase a 50k car you expect to have the service level behind that purchase. If VW were taking care of my issue, then I would not have made my statement.

Good luck to you, and here is wishing you don't have any issues with your car, because if you do, you will soon learn the lesson that the rest of are.
jm1244 - Yes, I agree w/ you on frustration issues. The whole reason I read this forum everyday since Nov 03 is because I learned this was a complex, first year car and that the car has some bugs. I bought mine in April 04 fully realizing that the car could have some problems. The car is a value, and I did reflect hard on the potential for bugs.

As a woman who really knows little about cars and the problems w/ some of VW's dealers and their service departments, I have a big dis-advantage.

If it weren't for the help of this forum and it's members, my tire wear/balancing, pulling/alignment, cracked wood trim problems would have been a lot harder to deal with.

I just wouldn't tell anybody to stay away from, or conversely, recommend, Touaregs so strongly. I would tell them to read all the good and the bad posts and make an informed decision.

I am extremely happy w/ my decision to purchase the car, bugs have so far been worked out!
I am getting a new one!

sorry to hear about the issues that you are having... I have had the vibration issue since day one, called VW over and over again, before hitting 12;000 miles.,I saught after the lemon law, wrote VW a letter directly and contact the BBB. Well. we are in progress in trading out into a new one. It has been in the shop over 9 times and still isnt fixed, we are just waiting for VW to find the Tourage that I want. Check your state lemon law... call VW each and every time, send letters, keep all work orders and for yourself , keep a detailed work order that includes how long the car was in the shop, loaner car, what attempts were made, so onand so forth., VW wasnt all that great when I attempted to call them all the time, but after the letters started flying, That got there attention.. dont give up.. you shouldnt have these issues with what you are paying.. well, shouldnt have the issues at all! Keep up with it.. also, contact your local state representative if you think that you need some addtitional help...
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