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Hello from Bulgaria. I have 2004 V6 3.2 petrol Touareg.

1 month ago a strange noise appeared. It is appearing rare , let's say once a week for 1-2 hours ( not reflected from weather or temperature,by turning and the speed ). When appear it stays, on D and N- does not matter, stays at high and low speed . And dissappear only when I press the brake, even lightly.

I went to the dealership, they checked all the brake pads and brake systems - they told me that evth looks fine. Even we made a test drive with one of the mechanics, and the noise appeared when he was next to me. Anyway they told evth is ok, no problem to drive the car. I can not drive it, having this annoying noise inside.

I would appreciate any ideas for solving this. I read many articles about Touareg's noises, but the strange in my case is that the noise dissapear when I brake.
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