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VW Touareg V10 7L Front bumper wiring

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Hello guys.
I may have had an accident with my 2004 V10 Touareg, and the whole front of the car had disappeared. The engine had survived without a scratch, but I had to buy a donor car, which sadly doesn't came with Parking sensors. The whole wiring of those sensors and indeed the original car's wiring is a mistery for me. Can someone provide some information, or maybe a diagram showing the wiring, the mounts, and the sensors? The rest of the car is completely the same so far, but I dont want to dismantle the whole bumper once again after I have put the whole thing together.
Thank you for your help, and time lads!
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You need to buy a new spoiler and a front bumper harness. The sensors fit into the spoiler and the bumper harness plugs into another harness behing the so-called bumper cover. Snapping the spoiler and bumper cover together is tricky. Order by VIN number to get correct parts.
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When you redo the front be aware VW has provided a so-called “service position” for the lock carrier which does makes access to the front of the engine better. Just need to purchase or fabricate the two long rods which substitiute for bumper bolts.
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