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VW Touareg RNS850 Australia Region Maps Update - version 5.13.4 latest one... 2021

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Here's the newest available map update for the RNS850 Australia Region:

1. You can't find this archive anywhere in the internet, cause it's made by myself. It's a simple Audi MMI3GP conversion.
2. Databases are 100% identical with VW standard. There is no ingeration in originality of the databases.
3. This package is CHECKED. There was a successful upload.
4. Don't use Green Menu, You need to use User Defined method.
5. Don't ask how to upload it into Your RNS. There's answer for that in the internet.
6. If Your map won't work after 3-4 minutes after the update don't panic. It means You need to activate it. This scripts slays process which checks if the maps are activated. Here, it will make Your maps work:

or unblocker from DrGER:

7. Please RESHARE. If You've downloaded it and it's working, upload it to any possible server to share with other people. Even You can post alternative links in here. Don't let other people to earn money on this.
8. Have no knowledge if TMC works, but it should.
9. If someone is successful with updating, please don't be shy and let us know. If it fails, also please send a post.
10. It looks like AN (australian) firmwares are identical with ECE (european) ones. It works for P0824 nad K0821. It won't work with old firmwares.
11. If You don't know what to do please ask for help. No shame in it, but don't be lazy.
12. Ths map is from 2021. The newest means there's no other higher available version. Probably there won't be any.
13. Don't use MacOS to extract or upload Your files onto SD Card!
14. When You'll have 03623 or 03276 errors in 5F module after the update I can help fix them (one of them requires VCDS).

This is how to solve one error:

This is how to solve the other:

15. Use solid SD Card, not a microSD with adapter.
16. Here's P0824 firmware (for ROW - Rest of World and ECE - Europe only):

This is how the Australian maps look like after the update (Thx to @Steve_L):
Ecoregion Map World Slope Rectangle

Property Ecoregion Map World Land lot

This is the system information You get after making a successful maps update:
Font Rectangle Screenshot Multimedia Terrestrial plant

P.S. Feel free to ask me any questions (except for stupid ones).
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Yes, it's with New Zealand.
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V911406 RNS 850 Radio Software Update (11-13) Touareg (

Page 4, second image from the top. This PDF is about firmware update, but it's the same way with the maps.

You activate Engineering Mode, then need to choose Update, then SD Card as a source, then there's confirming version window and after that You choose upload method; there are two available - standard (red circled) or user defined. The standard one should work, the RNS system checks itself which of the database file is newer and uploads only the fresh ones. It does it by comparing their versions.

Don't use Green Menu! Deleting whole partition of Your navi database isn't a wise move.
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Well, You can go first and tell us :) Should be harmless.

I can also convert for You maps with 5.13.4 version for these regions:
  • Hong Kong and Macau (HM);
  • Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (ME and ME2);
  • Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland (SA);
  • Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore (SM).

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Think the other way. What if You succeed? :)
You can look at RNS850 Euro Update thread... it's a similiar situation. The last original version from VW was 6.32.1. I made 6.35.1 from Audi and everything works. Can't guarantee anything, but it's very unlikely to brick Your RNS. In worst case You'll end up in need of reloading Your old maps... Just use Standard mode.
Everyone wants a new map but noone to upload it :)
An activaton is quite normal after the update process. Did You managed to do it? Need any help?
I've sent You some activators.
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As for now, not well I think :(

Two more questions:
  • can You calculate the route?
  • are Your 'Special destinations' (POI) section is empty?
Guys, has anyone got the original maps from VW for AN? No matter what version...
I can make them... wait a bit.
So I've made this maps and sent them to @jatan231. If everything will work I'll post You up. If it fails as well :)
There's an error in the name of the folder and filename. I'll fix it and send You once again a link.
@TASSIE TIGER What firmware do You have now?

If Your battery is having issues with keeping the voltage it's recommended to use a charger. Since Touareg have AGM battery because of auto start-stop engine function You need to use it in AGM / EFB / Winter mode. But... I did my uploads without it. The map for Europe is about 26 GB and it takes aprox. 1.5h, for Australia it's 3 GB. I even locked my car and went away during the process. My point is, the upload for AN will be much quicker, so you don't really need to apply any charger if Your battery is efficient.
I'm glad this worked for the you. But a point of clarification: the method Keldo described in early 2014 is not nav database "activation" -- rather, it patches the MMI operating system to by-pass the normal nav database activation process. Calling this an "activator" creates unnecessary confusion, as people now expect it to be tied somehow to a particular nav database release, region, and VIN. The unblocker patch can be run on any Harman-Becker MMI3G/3G+ system to by-pass normal nav database activation, which is based on dealer supplied FSC files coded for specific nav database releases. --g
Some people had calculated prefix for their FSC file from a MAC address of WLAN module ;) Here's a description:

Keldo's script without FSC file on the SD Card will not work. It makes no sense for me, and I haven't analyzed it yet, but my guess is that puting right XCode as a prefix could prevent from having 03263 fault in 5F module. I can't find any other reason now.
There is a script to delete (according to it's description) all faulty FSC keys. After applying it 03623 error goes away immediately, without a need to clear it with VCDS and not triggering other errors. I can send You working one, if You fancy (majority of them isn't working at all).

I've read already Your instruction, it's a very complex job :)
From the manual You gave results, that there should be just one activation document for every database release. All this updating RNS procedure from VW is overcomplicated. The new systems have free updates, You can download fresh maps for any new VW car. You can really feel being unfairly treated...

Script which removes faulty FSC's, mounts proper one and removes Keldo's script would bring everyting just as it should be from the factory. Still wonder how this activation document looks like (You can buy one on the ebay) and how does look proper legal prefix of the FSC file - is it really based on the WLAN's MAC. I ripped my HDD but QNX 4.X filesystem is a mystery to most OS'ystems. There are 3 primary partitions, one extended and then 5 primaries as well. Need to install QNX 6.5.0 on VM...
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@Lysy : Remember, this Harman-Becker nav systems was developed a long time ago -- the first MMI3G systems were developed around 2006-2007 and later MMI3GP uses (essentially) the same nav database scheme. I don't think H-B or Audi expected too many people to be poking around the underlying QNX operating system to find a way around their FSC file-based nav database activation process. But, here we are, 15+ years later, and you can still pay Audi US$300+ for a proper "activation" for your already-out-of-date nav database (which was compiled & released more than a year or two earlier in the U.S.). Or you can disable the old activation scheme based on vdev-logvolmgr and not worry about it.
BTW, user JulianHicks @ has the activation document for his UK A8, which was updated just prior to his acquiring the car from a UK dealer as the second owner; he tells me it is essentially printed codes used to generate a new FSC with ODIS connected to Audi corporate in Germany.

Re reading your QNX HDD partitions, look over here for the QNX VM image:
I use this with the VMWare Player v16 on both Win10 & Linux/Ubuntu. My current project is to figure out why the HN+ ifs-root.ifs filesystem image won't extract properly with dumpifs. --g
I'm using VMWare Player 15. Thank You for the image. I had already one from their page. Still have some issues, can't mount USB card reader... It's detected at boot but then goes missing. Should be in /dev/usb my guess is. Do I need to mount it manually?
Rectangle Azure Computer Font Screenshot

@Lysy : JulianHicks over at a5oc shared images of his "activation document" for 8R0060884FK (Europe 2018/2019), which include a booklet with three codes (Activation code, Activation number, and PIN code). The document was published by HERE with part numbers T1000-26917 and T1000-26919. No SD card is included in the activation document. I believe the FSC file for the activation of this nav database release is created by the MMI software (possibly MMI3GApplication or the Java UI via an undocumented adaptation channel at Address 5F) due to the ODIS SVM - Activation process, described here:
As such, any reference to fake FSC files with mysterious prefixes based on WLAN MAC address coding is all nonsense, in my opinion. All that matters here is that process vdev-logvolmgr is terminated soon after it creates a valid acios_db.ini file for the current installed nav database; after that, old or fake FSC files found in /HBpersistence/FSC are considered invalid, and throw DTC 03623. Removing these FSC files at the same time the activation by-pass patch is installed appears (to me, anyway) to be the cleanest solution here. --g
It looks like a nonsense but my point was, that someone used this method for some reason. The script was Keldo's as mentioned on that website, but this XCode now I think wasn't referring to "activate" the maps with proper FSC key, since script was doing it in a completely different way. It's job was not trigger 03623 error I suppose. I could check it, recalculate my prefix, run the script and check whether error in 5F will be present or not. It might be a waste of time though...

Edit: on boot QNX can't detect any USB devices :(

About this card numbers, I bought an original 6.32.1 Europe Maps from VW dealer in Germany, looked liked this:
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