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Im new to forum, but ill be as precise i can be to describe my problem.

My car has passed Road trafic safety dictorate of score 0 which basicaly is mint condition.

So i have this problem abiut 2 months now and technician cant find anything and there are no error codeS.

So, i can drive my treg 2 to 3 days normaly fast acceleration no stuter. But somtimes it just decides to start a stuter.

1 it can have in Idle rpm drop to 700 and back to normal. Sometimes it can shut off.

2 while in Drive and driving it just randomly start a suden stutter which gets worse and cant get past 1200rpm it just dips from 700 to 1200rpm ‐ until ESP simbol turns on and check engine. But if i park somewhere and turn off and turn on car it goes back to normal.

Im going crazy cause vag does not show anything its clean. There are no machanical problems. My onky guess is contacts or smthing causing problem. I hope someone here has some expierience on the matter.

Vw treg owner.

ps i have change fuel filter, alternator. And bearings are ok.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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