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Marty passed along these VW Tech Tips. Note that some are Touareg specific and some are for all VW vehicles and may not relate to the Touareg:

Vehicles with TDI Pumpe Duse Engine, Glow Plug Checking

Do NOT test the glow plugs on these engines by applying battery voltage to see if they glow. They will become damaged or non–functioning in a very short period of time. The correct checking procedure is in VESIS, under the Library tab in Additional Information.

All Touaregs, Headlamp Bulbs (Especially HID)

If headlamp bulbs were originally blue and have turned white after approx. 200 hours, this is normal. Do not replace bulb because of color difference.

ALL Late Model Volkswagen Vehicles, Heated Oxygen Sensors

If you encounter a Heated Oxygen Sensor DTC (front and/or rear) AND the vehicle has less than 2000 miles, drive the vehicle in 3rd gear (under load) for approximately 10 miles. If the O2S DTC(s) do NOT return; release/deliver the car without replacing any parts.
· It is possible that the oxygen sensor(s) in this vehicle became loaded up (unintentionally coated by internal engine component contaminants) due to frequent moving or re-parking the cars at the Port or Dealership multiple times AND improperly heating the engine cooling system to its specified operating temperature.

All Vehicles, Drivability Complaints

When diagnosing customer drivability complaints (i.e., clunking at low speeds, tire scrub, ASR/traction control activating on its own), measure the tire circumference on all four tires. Using a tape measure and chalk, carefully place a perpendicular chalk mark at the bottom of the tire (if this mark were extended it would pass through the center of the axle). Then, mark precisely next to it on the ground. Move the vehicle forward until the tire mark has rotated 360 degrees. Make another chalk mark on the ground adjacent to the tire mark. Measure the distance between the two chalk marks and compare this measurement between all 4 tires. If there is a difference in circumference between the tires that is greater than 13mm (0.5"), swap the wheels and tires from a known good vehicle to verify the cause of the concern.

All Canadian Vehicles Equipped with a Sirius Satellite Radio, GCI Update

With the introduction of a new Canadian weather channel, Canadian receivers will now receive 110 channels. This will require a category reassignment of several channels. As a result, users may experience a few minutes delay in accessing the audio channel lineup and updated category information until the channel map is completely loaded. All receivers will need to load a new channel map (Update GCI) to accommodate the changes.

All Vehicles, Engine Starts/Stalls Prior to Putting Vehicle into Gear wth DTC P1570

If the engine starts then stalls, with DTC P1570 (ECM disabled) in the Engine Control Module, AND there are NO DTCs stored in the Instrument Cluster (Address Word 17):
* Perform a capacitive discharge by disconnecting both cables from the Battery posts
* Firmly contact the cable ends with each other for at least two minutes
* Follow up with a Mid-tronics Battery Test before reconnecting

All Touaregs, Stepper Motor Replacement

If you have a customer complaint of “wheels binding in turns”, do NOT replace any stepper motors or transfer cases. Engineering has developed software to resolve these “binding” complaints. Software level 0122 will be announced in a Technical Bulletin planned for publication release the week of 7-03-06. In the meantime, please advise the customer that a resolution for this complaint will become available within the next two weeks.

All Vehicles with Satellite Radios, Installing IPOD Kits

If you are installing an IPOD kit on a car with a satellite radio, and it already has a blue connector in the Quad Lock connector, you MUST remove Pins 1, 3 and 7 using the proper release tool. Next, insert those pins into the same numbered holes on the connector supplied in the IPOD kit. Finally, attach this connector to the radio.

Note: This procedure can also be found in the instruction manual on Page 14 under “NOTE -Bullet Number 2

2004-2007 Touareg, Shift Lever Button Sticking

Potential symptoms of the shift lever button sticking:
* It will not be possible to pull the key out of the ignition because it’s not contacting the micro switch.
* If the shifter button is stuck all the way in, you can put the vehicle into park, but unless you apply your foot to the brake, it won’t shift out of park.
* If the shifter button cannot be pushed all the way in, the shift lever won’t move through the gears.

If you receive a complaint that the button on the shift lever sticks, carefully remove the chrome disc from the right side of the shift lever using a small flat screwdriver. Before replacing check to see if the black cap is seated properly; if not, properly reposition and check to see if the button sticks. If it is seated properly and the button still sticks, refer to the Repair Manual and replace the shift lever handle assembly.

2004-2005 Touareg with 09D Transmission, Design Change

A heads-up for a design change to these transmissions: newer R21 transmission valve bodies no longer have oil pressure switches installed in them. If you replace a valve body with the newer part number (ending in B for transmissions produced before August 2005) the TCM must ALSO be replaced; otherwise, the MIL lamp will illuminate and oil pressure switch DTCs will be stored (because the switches are no longer installed).

All Touaregs, Steering Column Replacing

When replacing a steering column on a Touareg, be sure that the steering wheel electronics and airbag are installed before trying to adapt it to the Access Control Module. Also ensure that a battery charger is connected to the vehicle during the entire repair.

2004-2005 Touareg, Gearbox DTCs

DTC P0753 (00258) Solenoid Valve N88 Open / Short in Address Word 02 “Gearbox Electronics” can occur on MY 2004 and certain early MY 2005 Touareg vehicles. The root cause of the complaint is that the harness is too short, causing wire strands to break internally within the harness near the T14e connector. Do NOT replace the TCM or the Valve Body for this DTC; instead, perform the following steps:
* Disconnect the T14e connector from the transmission
* Back out pin 1 (yellow) from the T14e connector about 12 inches above the transmission connector
* Butt-splice a new wire from the VAS 1978 Wiring Repair Kit, ensuring an additional 1/2 inch of extra overall harness length.
* Re-pin the wire to the T14e connector and re-attach the harness connector to the transmission

All Vehicles, Sensor Checking

When checking a sensor, perform a local DSO reading at the sensor connectors; then compare the readings with measurements taken at the breakout box sockets. They MUST be the same. If they don’t match, the wiring is suspect.

2004-2007 Touareg, Remote Key

If the MFI display on a Touareg displays "Key not found", check and/or replace the remote battery in the key fob. There is nothing wrong with the key. Do not re-adapt the key set. If you have already tried adapting the keys, further diagnosis will be required. Call the Volkswagen Dealer Technician, Electrical Team (Prompt Number 2) for instructions on how to proceed.

All Vehicles With iPod Connectivity

* It is NOT possible to connect and run an iPod adapter in parallel with a CD changer.
* The iPod adapter is compatible with the following iPod units: 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 60GB, Nano and Photo.
* The adaptor will NOT work with any iPod having LESS than 20 GB.

2006-2007 Passat B6 and Touareg, Refrigerant Leaks

These vehicles use a dryer cartridge positioned inside the condenser. The dryer opening in the condenser is sealed with a metal plug that is covered by a rubber dust cover. If a leak develops at the plug, refrigerant will escape from the system (but dye will not!). To inspect for leakage, you MUST remove the dust cover from the plug to see if any dye is present

2007 Touareg with New V-10 (engine code BWF), Fuel Pressure Switch Location

The F1 fuel pressure switch is now located under the EGR cooler on the passenger side of the engine.

All Touaregs, Convenience Open/Close Feature Inoperative

If you receive a complaint that the convenience close/open feature for the vehicle windows is inoperative, it is probably a normal condition. This function only works for a limited time after the car has been unlocked and locked using the key fob.

All Touaregs, Vehicle Will Not Crank

When the vehicle is unlocked by using the key in the driver door handle and 15 seconds elapses with out the ignition key being inserted into the ignition switch, the alarm will go off and the start signal will become prohibited. To remedy this outcome, simply insert the ignition key into the ignition switch and turn it counter-clockwise to reset it.

All Touaregs, Flashing Door LED

For complaints where the customer has unlocked the vehicle using a key in the driver door handle (instead of using the remote) and then opens the door to find the LED flashing, this is normal.

All Vehicles with Radio-Navigation RNS2 with CD + DVD, Removing Radio

When removing the Radio/NAV units, ensure that you use the universal radio removal tool T 10057. The use of any tool or device other than T 10057 may cause damage to the radio selector buttons. Also, be sure to use the recommended factory tools for removing the adjacent trim pieces. Claims showing trim gouging damage will be denied.

2006-2007 Touareg with V10 Diesel, Glow Plug DTCs

If Glow Plug DTCs are present while performing a PDI, check the state of charge on BOTH of the batteries. If the auxiliary battery (in the rear) is low on charge, it can set Glow Plug DTCs because this is the battery that powers them up during start-up.

2006-2007 Touareg with 5.0L V10 TDI Engine, Battery

These vehicles are equipped with a dual battery system. Please refer to Technical Bulletin 27-04-01 for information/guidelines regarding the testing and charging of both batteries

All Model Year Engines with Adjustable Cam Timing

If you have a complaint of a rattle or knocking noise coming from the Camshaft Chain Tensioner(s) or Camshaft Adjuster(s) for the first couple of seconds after the engine starts, do NOT replace the Camshaft Tensioner(s) or Camshaft Adjuster(s) for this concern; it will NOT eliminate this noise.

Camshaft adjustment is hydraulically actuated and controlled by engine oil pressure. If the engine hasn’t been run for a length of time, the oil pressure drops and some of the oil partially flows back into the sump. After a cold start, by design, oil pressure inside the camshaft adjusters must be built up as fast as possible which can sometimes cause a rattle or knocking noise. The noise is considered normal.

2004-2007 Touareg, Transfer Case Fin Damage Due to Removal

Warranty will deny core claims damage to the transfer case fin due to improper removal procedures. To avoid Warranty denial, do NOT use power tools for removal, instead use hand tools to avoid damaging (as illustrated in the picture below) the transfer case fins.

2004-2007 Touareg, DTC 01772 (008)

If you have a complaint of air suspension DTC 01772 (008), follow the directions in Technical Bulletin 43-05-02 step-by-step BEFORE contacting the Volkswagen Dealer Technician Helpline.

2005-2007 Touareg, Entering Mileage Into Instrument Cluster

If you experience difficulty when trying to adapt the mileage after an instrument cluster replacement, use the following procedure:
- Select Vehicle Self Diagnosis
- Select Address Word 17 (dash panel insert)
- Select Adaptation
- Enter Channel 9
- Enter the mileage (US vehicles) or kilometers (Canadian vehicles) after multiplying the actual mileage or kilometers by 0.1 (which will drop the last digit). Example: 87612 x 0.1 = 8761

2007 Touareg, G85 Basic Setting

Currently there is no procedure loaded in the scan tool to perform G85 Basic Settings on a 2007 Touareg; however, the 2006 Touareg test plan can be used instead. When the software is updated in the scan tool, this Tech Tip will be removed.

2004-2007 Touareg, Creaking Noise While Accelerating

For a complaint of a creaking noise upon acceleration following a stop while cornering or driving slowly, inspect the wheels and tires for factory recommended specifications for tread depth, wheel circumference and tire pressure. Four-wheel drive vehicle tires must NOT be worn unevenly. The largest and smallest tire circumference when compared to each other should NOT differ by more than 1%. This can occur if aftermarket tires from different manufacturers have been installed by the customer. Inspect and record which tires and wheels are installed on the vehicle and re-assess the complaint

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more from Marty

2005 Touareg with DVD Navigation, DVD Navigation Disk Label 4B Incompatibility
2005 Touaregs with DVD navigation units at SW levels 14 or 15 cannot load the most recent map supplied on the DVD disk labeled “DVD 4B” (new gray navigation DVD). These navigation units will need to be updated using TB 91-06-01 to update unit to software version 47.

All Phaeton and Touareg With Easy Entry Function.
When troubleshooting the 'Easy Entry' function on the Phaeton and the Touareg vehicles, the steering wheel will not move down from the 'fully up' position (the easy entry-exit position) until the engine has been started. It is a two-stage process - the seat moves to the desired position (recalled from memory) when the vehicle is unlocked or the seat memory button is pressed. But if the easy entry function is active (easy entry button on side of steering wheel depressed), the steering wheel doesn't move down to the stored memory position until the engine is actually started. This is by design

All Vehicles, Engine Replacement
When replacing the engine block, remember to exchange the alignment pins from the old engine block to the new engine to maintain the crank shaft alignment with the transmission.

All Models, Blue Tooth Installation
If you have a complaint or question regarding Blue Tooth installation, VW Accessories offers a kit to install the Motorola Bluetooth hands free phone kit. The Motorola Part Number required is 1HF1000 and MUST be supplied by Motorola or a recommended Motorola parts supplier. Do not purchase or install any other manufacturer’s kits from local stores; they do NOT come with all of the connectors required for VW vehicles. Volkswagen does NOT support installation of those kits. (spockcat: you should use my phone wiring harness)

All 2007 Vehicles, Radio Code Retrieval
Radio codes will no longer come with 2007 model year vehicles. The code will need to be retrieved from the vwhub during the Pre Delivery Inspection using the radio serial number. Do not remove the radio.

Removing the radio to obtain the serial number is not necessary. The serial number can be obtained in Vehicle Self Diagnosis/OBD by selecting AW 56 Radio, going into MVB 81. Log into vwhub or use ElsaWeb and input the serial number and VIN to get the anti theft security code. Refer to TB 91-05-02 on how to log in to the vwhub.

VWoA will not be paying any labor to remove the radio to obtain the serial number.

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More tech tips:

All Models, Front Door Scrapes Fender When Opening During PDI
When performing a PDI, if the front door contacts the fender when opening, check the door adjustments and mountings. If OK per ELSA, proceed to loosen the affected fender mounting bolts and reposition the fender 1-2mm away from the door and recheck operation. Repair any paint damage.

2005-2006 Touareg, Instrument Cluster Inoperative after Performing Product Update Circular Q5
The Q5 Product Update specifies to update the cluster through GFF using the VAS 5051B. Always use the proper equipment and make sure the battery charger is installed and is charging between 12.5 and14.5 volts.
If the flash fails for any reason while updating the instrument cluster, GFF may not correct the flash failure.
In the event that this occurs, perform the following steps:
* Remove fuses 26 and 40 on the left side dash panel for 5 minutes
* Reinstall the fuses and go into Vehicle Self Diagnosis and select Instrument Panel Insert AW17
* Select “Update Programming” to allow the flash to continue
If the Instrument Cluster is still not communicating after attempting this procedure, please contact Product Compliance before replacing the Instrument Cluster

2004-2006 Touareg, Drivetrain Binding / Tires Scrubbing
Reference TB 01-06-08 (Instance No. 2011930) for issues of drivetrain binding / tires scrubbing.
Contact Volkswagen Dealer Technician Helpline for further recommendations and before replacing any parts.

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More from Marty:

Technical Reminder
When flashing a control module or instrument cluster, the battery must have a minimum no load charge of 12.5 V.
·Connect a PSC 550S or INC 940 (in manual mode) battery charger to the vehicle and verify battery voltage remains above 12.5 V.

Failure to maintain voltage during the update process can permanently damage the control module/instrument cluster

TT 07-33
2006-2007 V10 Diesel Touareg With Diesel Particulate Filters, Proper Oil Usage Information
These engines require VW oil quality standard VW 504 00 / 507 00 low ash oil. The VW supplied part number for this oil is GVW-052-195-M2.

TT 07-28
2007 Touareg, Trailer Brake Retrofit
The 2007 model Touareg may not be factory equipped with pre-wiring for an optional trailer brake. On previous models a 4-pin connector was installed under the dash. To see if your vehicle is equipped, check the 7-pin connector at the trailer hitch for the presence of the blue wire in position 3. If this wire is not installed, a wire harness will have to be installed using the trailer Wiring Diagram # 25. See pin-out below for additional information.

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All Models With Heated Mirror, Seats and Steering Wheel, Component Operation
Just a reminder that the operation of heated components will not be enabled if the outside temp is above 50 degrees F. The heated seat has the same limited operation, but on some models it can be overridden on position number 5, up to 70 degrees F.

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TT 07-50
2005-06 Touareg and 2006-07 Passat, Required Vehicle Updates Discontinued

Required Vehicle Updates OD (01-05-15) and OI (01-16-17) have been discontinued. It is recommended to purge the update CDs from your folders to avoid any mix up with any later update CDs that may exist.

TT 07-46
2004-2007 Touareg 6 Speed Automatic Transmission, Fluid Leak Concerns

If a vehicle comes in exhibiting fluid leaking from the transmission, contact the Volkswagen Dealer Technician’s Helpline for further information. For any leak from this transmission DO NOT replace the ATF Pan Gasket without first contacting the Helpline.

All Vehicles Equipped With Navigation System and CD changer

When installing an iPod connector to a vehicle equipped with Navigation and a CD changer, the customer will lose the function of the CD changer. At this time we cannot equip both of these functions together.

All Models With Immobilizer 3 or 4, Immobilizer Adaptation When Replacing the ECM

When replacement of the ECM is required on a vehicle equipped with Immobilizer 3 or 4, it is necessary to adapt to the immobilizer. Use the procedure for ECM adaptation to immobilizer under the immobilizer selection in Guided Functions or Guided Fault Finding. Do not use the procedure for ECM replacement under Engine Electronics.

All Models, Dynamic Compression Test using the VAS 5051B DSO Function

A dynamic cylinder balance test can be completed using the DSO function of the 5051B. This test can be used to detect low compression in a cylinder as well as any leaks that may not be picked up by a leak down test. Procedure is as follows:
· Hook up the 500A inductive clamp to the starter cable
· Change the time scale to 0.1 s/div.
· Remove the ECM power relay and make sure the battery is fully charged
· Operate the starter to capture the wave form
Analysis: What you see is a series of peaks representing the starter current draw. Each peak is the starter amperage increasing in magnitude as the piston comes up on the compression stroke.
More Amperage = More Effort.
What you want to see on a good engine is even and uniform peaks. If there is a leak on a cylinder there will be a dropout of one of the peaks. If all the peaks are missing, suspect all bad cylinders or check the DSO cables. To find the offending cylinder, remove glow plug or sparkplug in one cylinder and repeat the test. Remember that the peaks appear on the DSO in the firing order of the engine.

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TT 07-58
2004-2007 Touareg & 2004-2005 Phaeton, Active Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnosis

When testing the active wheel speed sensors, perform the following:
1. Disconnect the suspect wheel sensor and install the correct 2 pin test harness to the wiring
2. Connect the DSO to the test harness and turn the key on
3. Ensure battery voltage is at the connector
4. Set the DSO to .2V/Div, .2ms/Div scale and ac coupling
5. Spin the wheel and observe the DSO pattern: You should see one large (.6V) pulse and 7 smaller pulses (.2V).

This can be broken down into 8 separate bits starting with the large pulse:
o 0: status of air gap
o 1: status of offset control module
o 2: status of external digital input
o 3: status of rotation direction validity
o 4: status of direction of rotation
o 5: lowest order
o 6: medium order
o 7: highest order
o 8: parity bi

TT 07-57
2004-2006 Touareg – Replacing Seat Bottom Frames

When replacing the seat bottom frame on a vehicle that does not have sport seats and the replacement part has side bars for a sport seat with side bolsters, it will be necessary to rework the new frame. Remove the side bars leaving the attachment areas smooth and free of burrs. Apply self etching primer to the area and touch up with black paint

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TT 07-60
All Models with FSI Engines, Fuel Injector Replacement

If diagnosis leads to the replacement of a fuel injector on any FSI engine, it is requested to leave the old part intact for analysis. If the part is disassembled for any reason, proper testing for root cause is not possible. This may also result in warranty claim denial if deemed necessary.

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TT 07-62
2003-2007 Touareg, Battery Cut Off Switch (BCS) Removal

Be advised that the Automatic Battery Cut Off Switch (BCS) should not be removed during the PDI unless the vehicle is to be delivered to the customer within 48 hours.

Refer to PDI TB 00-05-01 page 4 for BCS removal information

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TT 07-64
All Models with Gateway Incorporated into Instrument Cluster Recoding Procedure

After replacement or software update of an instrument cluster that contains the CAN-BUS gateway, it may be necessary to recode the gateway to eliminate erroneous DTCs. Enter address 19-Gateway and perform a recode of the system using GFF. It may code to the same number originally shown in the module but perform the coding as prompted then recheck the DTC memory.

TT 07-65
2004 > All Vehicles equipped with Pumpe Düse TDI, Turbo Charge Concern

For any repairs done for low turbo output or sluggish acceleration, be sure to check for any vacuum leaks including all vacuum controlled components. When performing a complete vacuum leak check the components under vacuum control (i.e. EGR components) could be overlooked as a possible source for the leak.

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TT 07-68
2006 Touareg V8 ONLY; A/C Not Blowing Cold

If the air conditioning is not blowing cold, an update is available for the Climatronic control module. Currently, this is available only through the Software Version Management (SVM) feature in Guided Fault Finding. Please use unit code “20B0” when entering the SVM. Any questions concerning update using the SVM please see TB 01-07-35 (ELSA instance 2014603).

TT 07-72
All Models; Software Updates

When performing a software update to a TCM or an ECM, the gearshift position selector must be in park. If you try to perform an update with the gearshift in the neutral position you will get an error message that reads” PRE CONDITIONS NOT MET / IMMOBILIZER IS NOT ENABLED”. To resolve this concern, be sure you have the vehicle in park and attempt the procedure again.

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TT 07-78
2008 Touareg – GFF NOT Available for TPMS

At this time Guided Fault Finding (GFF) does not have function tests for the 2008 Touareg Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Until GFF is updated with CD version 79, use the 2007 Touareg TPMS function tests from the current CD.

TT 07-79
All Models – Motorola bluetooth Installations

Effective immediately Volkswagen of America will no longer provide technical support for the installation or repair of Motorola Bluetooth Hands-Free kits. Contact Motorola at 1-800-336-3998 ext. 250 or for assistance on remaining kits

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TT 07-81
2005-2008 Touareg - “Engine Hood Open” Warning Light

If the dash panel “Engine Hood Open” warning light illuminates, perform the hood latch adjustment procedure, closely following each step. In ElsaWeb, several steps are necessary to properly position the hood. Also, the hood switch wiring is in series with the radio anti-theft micro switch on non- navigation vehicles. Push in the radio to ensure it is locked into position tightly. Then check for the “Engine Hood Open” warning light

TT 07-87
2006 – 2007 Touareg – Scan Tool Update

With Scan tool update 10.77.00, some procedures may not run correctly. Try switching to “guided functions” and set up the vehicle as a 2005 model. All functions should then work properly. This issue will be corrected with the next brand update CD.

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TT 07-88
2004 – 2007 Touareg – Main/Primary Fuel Pump Location
The main/primary fuel pump location depends on the type of engine the vehicle is equipped with. On the V6 engine, the primary pump is located on the left (driver’s) side of the fuel tank. On the V8 engine, the primary pump is located on the right (passenger’s) side of the fuel tank. Location of the main fuel pump can also be determined by restarting the engine (if possible) then checking to see which pump continues to run after 30 seconds. The secondary pump will shut off after 30 seconds and will not run until needed. The main pump contains the pressure regulator and the secondary pump contains the fuel filter.

TT 07-90
2005 – 2008 All Models with Premium 7 Radio – Speed Dependent Volume Operation

Certain criteria need to be met in order for the speed dependent volume to operate properly:

* The speed dependent volume setting must be turned on.
* The radio volume needs to be at half of the adjustment level or higher
* The vehicle speed needs to be 60mph or faster.

When these conditions are met the radio will increase in volume. The amount of increased volume will depend on which setting is selected, a 1 being the least amount of boost, a 3 being the greatest.Please see the owner’s manual for speed dependent volume turn on and set up.

TT 07-91
2008 Touareg – Service Interval
Currently Service Interval “adaptation” has to be carried out through Vehicle Self Diagnosis. Enter address “17” for the instrument cluster then go into “adaptation”. Channel 40 is for the number of miles and channel 41 is for the number of days.

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TT 07-97
ALL Models – Transmission Fluid

Be advised there are currently five different types of transmission fluids currently used by Volkswagen. These fluids are NOT interchangeable and could cause internal damage if mixed. Please consult the latest workshop instructions listed in ELSA for proper fluid usage

TT 57-07-42
2008 Vehicles equipped with Keyless Entry
The instrument cluster will show a message stating multiple keys are in the vehicle if two or more keys are in the vehicle at one time. This is considered normal. At this time, no specific reference in the owner's manual states this. However, page 39 in the Controls & Equipment section, explains how the vehicle will lock if a key is left in the vehicle and whether or not the driver has a second key in his or her possession. It is not recommended to leave a key inside the vehicle.

TT DW-02-19
Diesel Vehicles, Fuel Filter Drainage
On TDI engines there is a fuel filter that contains an incorporated fuel and water separator, so whenever you do maintenance on such vehicles, always make sure to refer to the maintenance schedule about the draining periodicity. The total water capacity is very limited and should be drained periodically. This could avoid some injection pump failure and costly replacement.

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TT 87-07-93
2004>Touareg, Phaeton; 2006>Passat, Jetta, GTI; 2007 Rabbit, EOS - A/C Compressor Shut Off Codes
If the A/C compressor is commanded “off” by the control head for any reason, it may trigger a shut off code in a MVB. Check MVB 13 field 1 for Touareg and Phaeton systems and MVB 1 field 1 for all other vehicles listed. This includes 2006 and up Climatic systems. See chart below for explanation of these codes to aid with diagnosis of the system.
A/C cut-off Codes
0 = Compressor on (no shut-off requirement of the A/C compressor detected)
1 = Compressor off (refrigerant pressure was or is too high)
2 = Compressor off (blower motor circuit)
3 = Compressor off (refrigerant pressure was or is too low)
4 = Compressor off (display not currently intended)
5 = Compressor off (no engine start or no engine speed detected)
6 = Compressor off (A/C system switched off, ECON-mode activated)
7 = Compressor off (A/C system switched off, blower switch in position 0)
8 = Compressor off (outside temperature was less than 1.5°C and is still less than 2.5 °C)
9 = Compressor off (display not currently intended)
10 = Compressor off (Low voltage)
11 = Compressor off (display not currently intended)
12 = Compressor off (shut-off request from Engine Control Module (ECM) via CAN)
13 = Compressor off (voltage supply terminal 30 too high)
14 = Compressor off (Evaporator Temperature)
15 = Compressor off (display not currently intended)
16 = Compressor off (activation A/C Compressor Regulator Valve -N280- implausible)
17 = Compressor off (no signal or implausible signal from High Pressure Sensor -G65-)
18 = Compressor off (engine speed too high at standstill)
19 = Compressor off (shutoff request from Vehicle Electrical System Control Module via CAN)
20 = Compressor off (refrigerant loss-currently V8 Touareg only)
21 = Compressor off (Outside Temp < 2 degrees C, without recirc mode on)
22 = Compressor off (Outside Temp < 2 degrees C, Inside Temp. < 10 degrees C)

TT 24-07-104
All Vehicles - Fault Code 01314-No Communication With ECM
Fault code 01314 for ECM No Communication in other modules does not indicate a faulty ECM. This fault can occur due to poor connections at connectors, relays, fuses, fuse panels, ground points, etc. Using the proper wiring diagram supplied in Elsa Web, thoroughly check for these issues prior to replacing the ECM. Always remember to verify suspected issues using the volt-drop method rather than relying only on resistance measurements.

TT 90-07-92
2006>Passat, 2008 Touareg U.S. Vehicles – Odometer Display
Nov 30, 2007 - UPDATED
The odometer display will change from miles to km/h readings when the vehicle is in motion, then go back to miles when at a stop. This function can be toggled on or offfor the Passat and Touareg (U.S. vehicles equipped with the premium cluster). With the car running, on the cluster, hold the 0.0 reset button down until the odometer display briefly switches from miles to km/h (approximately. 5 seconds). Once the car is in motion, the odometer will switch to km/h. To turn it off, hold the 0.0 button until the odometer switches briefly from miles to km/h and back to miles (approximately. 6 seconds). NOTE: the trip meter will reset briefly to 0 and then go back to its previous value. If the 0.0 button is not held long enough to set the km/h or to turn it off, the trip meter will reset back to 0.

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TT 15-07-75
All Models with VR6 Engines – Upper Timing Chain Noise
In cases of engine noise that is traced to the upper timing chain, bleeding of the tensioner may correct the condition. To bleed the tensioner: (1) Remove tensioner from engine. (2) Submerge tensioner in oil. Ensure the oil feed hole is facing upwards. (3) Use a large pair of non-marring pliers to actuate the piston several times until no air is noticed escaping from the bleed hole. (4) Install tensioner immediately by hand and take care not to damage the chain ramp.

TT 15-01-37
TDI Valve Cover Gasket
The valve cover gasket on the TDI engine is bonded right to the valve cover, and not available separately. The valve cover should only be replaced in the event of a leak. It is possible to reuse the cover if the seal is in good condition.

TT 19-02-11
Coolants, Color Difference
You may have noticed some vehicles arriving at your dealerships with varying colors of coolant. The coolant may be pink, purple or yellow. In all cases only G12 coolant is to be used when adding or replacing coolant in these vehicles. It is important to be aware that the frost protection of these coolants must be measured with a refractometer. The VW tool number is T10007

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TT 87-07-95
2004-2008 Touareg-A/C Blows Colder in One Zone
For complaints regarding the A/C blowing colder in one zone than in another, be sure to check the refrigerant charge level first. A difference as small as 50 grams can cause this concern. After the charge is verified, continue with normal diagnostics if concern is still present

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TT 00-07-87
2006 – 2007 Touareg – Scan Tool Update
With Scan tool update 10.77.00, some procedures may not run correctly. Try switching to “guided functions” and set up the vehicle as a 2005 model. All functions should then work properly. This issue will be corrected with the next brand update CD

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TT 91-07-105
2008 Touareg - Radio Code (Pin) Number Retrieval
The radio pin (code) numbers for the Delphi radio are not located in Measured Value Block (MVB) 81. To obtain the pin (code) number, the radio’s serial number is required and can be retrieved from ElsaWeb by following the steps listed below:
-Enter Vehicle Self Diagnosis
-Select 56 Radio then forward arrow
-Select 001 Identification (Services $1A) Then forward arrow
-Select Expanded Identification Then forward arrow
You will find the serial number under Subassembly or series number. Then enter it in the Geko radio on line
inquiry to acquire the radio’s pin (code) number as out lined in Technical Bulletin 91-07-13.

TT DW-02-19
Diesel Vehicles, Fuel Filter Drainage
On TDI engines there is a fuel filter that contains an incorporated fuel and water separator, so whenever you do maintenance on such vehicles, always make sure to refer to the maintenance schedule about the draining periodicity. The total water capacity is very limited and should be drained periodically. This could avoid some injection pump failure and costly replacement
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