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Am I the last to install AEM?
And the first to install AEM-Correction?
Re-set throttle in dealer lot.

Noticing a more pronounced delay between pushing START button and the engine firing at 32F. Garage is smellier. Less engine braking.

No noticeable changes to sound or drivability (always in SPORT or downshifting in MANUAL). Never DRIVE.

Too early to sense MPG. Got 22.3 average for last 48,000 miles (see Fuelly photo).

2013 Treg now has transferable warranty to 182,000 miles or January 2024. Shall I wait four years before tuning, so as not to jeopardize all the great coverages?

Watching for $1,500 from Bosch (who wrote and sold cheat software to almost every diesel OEM?)!
13141 - 13143 of 13143 Posts