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The HPFP on my 2011 TDI Executive failed at 9,000 miles. The repair took 3 weeks. VWoA picked up the costs and actually paid me $950 in cash for my trouble (but not without a lot of discussion).
I resent any suggestion that the break down was, in any way, caused by me -- e.g. by mis-fueling. I'm the only one who fuels the vehicle and I'm not so stupid that I'd mistake/forget/be distracted so as to put gasoline instead of diesel into the tank!
I have no, zero, doubt that there is an issue with the TDI fuel system. Whether it's a common, re-occurring issue, I don't know -- I'm not sure anyone does.
But I can tell you all that it DOES happen and it is very inconvenient when it happens. I kept my TDI after the incident but only because it's still under the power train warranty.
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