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Volkswagen Customer Service

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Hello all:

On my follow up post "starter", I have been trying to contact VW Customer Service to help with my issues. In the 8-10 phone calls I have made over the last two months, and requested a call back, I have yet to get one.....

Has anyone out there had better luck with VW customer service? I would really appreciate some direction.

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If you want to read my entire customer "service" experience, look for the thread about the scratched door on delivery.

In short, they just took up several weeks of my time, did not call me back, gave me absolutely NO new information/suggestions/assistance, and in the end, I was referred back to the dealership to deal with them myself.

One A$$hole (and I mean that with a capital "A") I got actually just told me that it was my problem with the dealership, and there was nothing that they could do...I asked him what in the *&^% :censored: customer "service" was there for!

VW's customer "service" has been SOOOOO bad that you could not pay me to buy another VW.

This I'd love to hear...I really don't doubt you in the slightest...and all I have is a scratch! I'm about that mad at them and believe that they are in collusion with one another.

Please do follow up.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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