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Volkswagen Customer Service

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Hello all:

On my follow up post "starter", I have been trying to contact VW Customer Service to help with my issues. In the 8-10 phone calls I have made over the last two months, and requested a call back, I have yet to get one.....

Has anyone out there had better luck with VW customer service? I would really appreciate some direction.

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VW Customer Care

It would seem that after all the problems posted here and elsewhere thaat one would finally get the message that VW Customer Care does not CARE about the customer.
This has been my experience as well as many who have made it known. I hate this because they really COULD have had a good thing but have chosen to ignore the customer, in my case .
They do not care is the message I get from them.
I finally got it! Get it?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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