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Volkswagen Customer Service

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Hello all:

On my follow up post "starter", I have been trying to contact VW Customer Service to help with my issues. In the 8-10 phone calls I have made over the last two months, and requested a call back, I have yet to get one.....

Has anyone out there had better luck with VW customer service? I would really appreciate some direction.

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I've had one experience with Customer Service and it was a good one.

Tips for talking to customer service:

1: Stay calm and concise about your problem

2: Express to the customer service person that you understand the problem is not their fault.

3: Be Nice

4: Ask that you have your concerns forwarded to the Regional Representative that oversees the area in which you live.

5: Pleasantly ask for someone to call you back, then ask if you can get a "they'll call you by then.... " date.

I know this sounds kind of kiss-assy but it worked for me in a big way.

Good Luck!

ps: If you live in the Rocky Mountain Region of the country - I know who you need to get in touch with and their phone number.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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