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Volkswagen Customer Service

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Hello all:

On my follow up post "starter", I have been trying to contact VW Customer Service to help with my issues. In the 8-10 phone calls I have made over the last two months, and requested a call back, I have yet to get one.....

Has anyone out there had better luck with VW customer service? I would really appreciate some direction.

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Write a letter to VWOA. Detail your problem as well as the dates that you attempted contact.

At the bottom, put

CC: Better Business Bureau - Your City
Better Business Bureau - City of Corp. VWOA
News Agency Consumer Group (IE: Channel 7 On Your Side... different depending on geographic location)

Mail a copy of that letter to each of the CC's as well. The one to VWOA should be certified (or whatever it takes to get a signature on delivery). You can find the BBB info at I believe.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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