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Just joined and wanted to pass along some of my experiences with the vehicle. I have had the standard list of problems - tire wear, fast clock, random dimming of the overhead clock and the most frustrating issue of a vibration in the steering wheel starting at 65 MPH. My dealer has been working the issues and resolving what they can but they were stumped by the vibration. I AM GLAD TO REPORT THAT IT APPEARS THAT THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED. They aligned it several times, replaced the tires, road force balanced the tires and replaced the wheels - to no avail. They got a super tech to come and investigate the problem and he came to the conclusion that it was one of three things - bushings, rack or steering column. They replaced the bushing and the rack and to my amazement the problem seems to be fixed. I have had the vehicle to 90 MPH and NO vibrations in the steering wheel.
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