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(Duplicate post from, which I'm posting here only for easier discoverability)

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I've created a VCDS label file for some later Touareg R5 engines, particularly for the ones with the code "BPE" (controller component code: 070-906-016-DE). In order to use it you've to download and then copy the 070-906-016-DE.lbl file into the C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\Labels\User folder (or to wherever you've installed VCDS), and (re-)launch VCDS.

The reason I've created this file, because unfortunately it seems that this engine controller was never mapped/labeled neither by Ross-Tech, nor by their partners. Actually, the original U.S./English VCDS doesn't even seem to include a label file for any of the Touareg R5 engines, which is understandable considering that the Touareg was never sold with these 5-cylinder engines in the U.S., so only few imports (if any) might be on the roads there. However, there are a lot of Touaregs running in Europe, in the U.K., and also in other regions of the world with these, whose owners are obviously also out of luck without an appropriate label file, and have to guess the meaning of values when using the Measurement Blocks functions.

Some localized/regional versions of VCDS (particularly the German reference version and some Eastern-European ones) do seem to include label files for some R5 engines, but apparently this particular engine (BPE), and also the one with the code BPD, are not amongst the supported/labeled ones in those ones either. Even though the label files for other R5 engines (with codes like BAC, BLK, etc.) in those regional versions are partially applicable also to BPE (and likely to BPD) engines, but in the absence of an appropriate redirection file not even these labels get shown or can be used easily by the average user with a BPE/BPD engine to get VCDS to appropriately label their MVBs.

I've compiled my label file from various sources, including other label files for similar engines, internet forums and also of course using personal experience and experiments. I believe this to be the most complete and most accurate label file not only for the BPE engine, but also generally for the Bxx-series of Touareg R5 engines, containing labels for several MVBs that are not included in the aforementioned label files either. It also corrects some labels which I believe to be misnomers in some of the original VCDS label files (like the mass of the air drawn in and measured by the MAF being called "recirculated air mass", for whatever reason). It also includes added references to some sensor names (ie. Gxx) for easier troubleshooting/repair, that are also missing from most (if not all) similar VCDS label files.

That said even this label file is not 100% complete, and in the absence of official documentation and with the lack of insight into the inner workings of some parts of the engine, I'm not 100% sure of the meaning of a few measuring blocks either. The most prominent MVBs affected by this are the ones that are supposedly containing lambda and O2 sensor data, but are apparently located at very different channel numbers and are (re)presented very differently than on most other engines I'm aware of. I'm still planning to figure out these, but that will need some extra experiments I currently can't conduct.

I've marked these unknown/uncertain/questionable fields/their interpretations with one or more question marks in the label file - so, if you see a "?" along the description of an MVB, then take the label/interpretation of that field with a grain of salt. This affects only a few fields, but if you see that, that means that I either do not have the slightest clue what those MVBs represent, or that I can't really guarantee for the accuracy of the labels (if included) for those. Of course I could have mistakenly or inadvertently also mislabeled or misinterpreted some other fields, too, but I generally believe those other MVB labels not marked with question marks (and that's ~98% of the named fields) to be accurate and correct.

"Range" and "Specification" hints (appearing in the yellow tooltip "balloons" popping up when clicking into a particular MVB) should also be taken with a grain of salt, because as said, in the absence of official documentation for this particular engine and sensors I could only go by values mentioned in other label files for similar engines/cars.

If you see any labels or hints that appear inaccurate or wrong to you, please let me know, and if needed, I will try to correct the file!

You could also help with validation of the label file if you send me a controller channel map file of your engine, preferably _after_ you've installed the label file, so I can verify the accuracy of it. Please do the same thing if you encounter any MVBs with no labels whatsoever. These might be MVBs that are not present on my engine, because of some option missing on that, but might be present on yours.

If you do send me channel maps, please include one created with the engine cold and off (ie. prior to starting it), and also one after the engine has warmed up, preferably created at the end of a trip. Make sure the latter are created with the engine idling and the accelerator pedal untouched. If you could send me an autoscan along with the channel maps, that would be great! You can of course mask out the VIN or any information you might consider sensitive, as they have no importance to me.

Besides the MVB blocks discoverable through the "Meas. Blocks" (and after the installation of the label file now also through the "Adv. Meas. Values") functions of VCDS, the label file also contains declarations for a few "Basic Setting" functions that are known to be supported and working on the BPE engine. This includes Turbocharger and EGR valve calibrations / self-tests. However, the label file does NOT include any Adaptation or Coding labels. The reason for that is, that even though adaptations/codings of other R5 engines might also work for/on BPE engines, but I have no plans and intention to check that or figure that out, because these are relatively dangerous functions, which might render the engine inoperable. Because of that (ie. me being unable to verify the accuracy of the information) I rather opted to leave these out of the label files completely, to avoid any possible damage and problems.

If you've any comments or suggestions, let me know!

The label files for the BPE and BPD engines - along with a few others - can be found and downloaded from here:
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