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The 3.2 engine was designed to go into an East-West engine bay.

In the Touareg it has been turned through 90 degrees but is not North-South with the timing chain at the front of the engine: it's been installed South-North so the timing chain and it's hydraulic tensioner is at the back of the engine up hard against the bulkhead.

Timing chain stretch is a known issue on this engine. Unless you can find a mechanic with very small hands who knows what they are doing, then to replace the chain and tensioner is an engine out job.

However, a number of people have found that if you remove the hydraulic tensioner, which I understand is just about accessible, and re-prime it in a bath of engine oil before refitting it, this may be sufficient to restore the engine to good order.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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