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Vag Com lost DRL Indicator !

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Just had my 04 Touareg Vagged. Did seat belt buzzer, nav screen disclaimer, and headlights. I noticed that I lost the DRL indicator in the speedo, however the DRL's are on. I tried going into the MFI and turning the drl's off and back on with no luck. Does anyone know if loss of the DRL indicator is caused by the Vag ? and is there a way to get it back ?
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aircooled said:
when you say headlights, do you just do the DRLs or did you also do the six headlight coding? If you did the six headlight mod, the DRL's don't function as normal, and instead turn on ALL of the outside lights, which is why the DRL indicator does not light.
Aircooled you brought up an interesting point, I have noticed that both rear and front lights are on in the DRL mode. I dont remember this before the Vagging. Could you expand on the 'six headlight mode'. I just followed the instructions posted here on forum. Your help and comments are appreciated.
Spockcat thank you for the reply. That is the mod that I did which left me with no DRL indicator. I guess I will have to live with it. Thanks
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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