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2005 Touareg - 3.2L BMX
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Hello all, recently obtained a 06 3.2L touareg unwillingly by the better half. Has been nothing but issues.

Its been throwing codes for a few months now, however driving just fine. So ive been pushing it off since ive had other priorities with a different vehicle. Recently its been running alot more roughly then normal. Pulled the codes and came back with a plethora of codes.

P0171 System too Lean
P0174 System too lean
P0300 Random Cylinder misfire
P0302 Cyl 2 misfire
P0306 Cyl 6 misfire
P0441 Evap incorrect purge flow
P0455 Evap system large leak

So with those on the board, im going to assume the 171/174 codes are causing the misfires, the spark plugs were replaced a few months ago.

So been trying to find the vacuum leak, took apart the air intake and located the vacuum/evap hoses underneath. Most of them need to be replaced.

My question is, where are you guys getting them? Im not about to pay the stealership 87$ for 1 small piece of plastic/rubber hose....

Next issue is the Evap system. As a side note, it also does the long hard start after fueling up. I have no idea where to start with that. That N80 valve? Fuel tank seals along the pump? Ive changed the fuel cap, but no change.

I didnt want this vehicle for the sheer fact its german complexity/$$$$ and not too popular. And it seems to me the online/forum support for it is very slim. So im hoping i can get some good directed help with some pictures or diagrams since all of these problems seem to be VERY COMMON, but all the threads i see are hardly ever answered.

Here are some pics of what i found. I essentially need to replace all the lines.
I not certain I would replace any of the hoses except the Jerry rigged hose with green tape. Firstly the connection to the intake manifold should be a push pull similar yo the adjacent line. Looks like the male nipple from the intake was broken and a large hose somehow connected to what was remaining with a smaller hose jammed into the larger hose then sealed with tape followed by an even smaller hose fitted into the hose and taped. I would fix this first. The hose should go around the throttle body not over and above the PCV. I would use the factory push pull hose and fix the nipple. Best way is to drill out the old and get a fuel line with similar size and push pull connector cut down to size insert into hole gorilla glue. Pull off an adjacent hose and you will better understand. The intake is just plastic and easily drilled. Vacuum out any loose particles from drilling. Other option heat up a screw of appropriate diameter and just tap a new hole using existing as a guide. Could be wrong but think the hose with the green tape is a problem. Other fix option better seal the hoses certain they are leaking where connected to the intake and where smaller lines inserted into larger lines.

Would ignore the random misfires but replace the direct ignition coils for cylinder 2&6 if the codes keep repeating.
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