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Hello all, recently obtained a 06 3.2L touareg unwillingly by the better half. Has been nothing but issues.

Its been throwing codes for a few months now, however driving just fine. So ive been pushing it off since ive had other priorities with a different vehicle. Recently its been running alot more roughly then normal. Pulled the codes and came back with a plethora of codes.

P0171 System too Lean
P0174 System too lean
P0300 Random Cylinder misfire
P0302 Cyl 2 misfire
P0306 Cyl 6 misfire
P0441 Evap incorrect purge flow
P0455 Evap system large leak

So with those on the board, im going to assume the 171/174 codes are causing the misfires, the spark plugs were replaced a few months ago.

So been trying to find the vacuum leak, took apart the air intake and located the vacuum/evap hoses underneath. Most of them need to be replaced.

My question is, where are you guys getting them? Im not about to pay the stealership 87$ for 1 small piece of plastic/rubber hose....

Next issue is the Evap system. As a side note, it also does the long hard start after fueling up. I have no idea where to start with that. That N80 valve? Fuel tank seals along the pump? Ive changed the fuel cap, but no change.

I didnt want this vehicle for the sheer fact its german complexity/$$$$ and not too popular. And it seems to me the online/forum support for it is very slim. So im hoping i can get some good directed help with some pictures or diagrams since all of these problems seem to be VERY COMMON, but all the threads i see are hardly ever answered.

Here are some pics of what i found. I essentially need to replace all the lines.

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