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"the motor is a major guzzler"

I would not say that the motor makes the car a "major guzzler" but the heavy weight of the vechicle makes it average 19 MPG on the highway. For example V-6 owners see little improvement in fuel econ despite having a more fuel efficent engine.

If you are worried about getting better gas mileage then drive a little slower and use cruise control.

19 MPH really is not that bad considering how heavy the V-8 Touareg is (5412 lbs.)

Big-Box Sports Cars
November 2003

"In this test of utes, which is more focused on performance, the VW’s Audi-sourced V-8 was the weakling. And with a hefty 5412-pound curb weight, the Touareg had the worst weight-to-power ratio of this group (17.5 pounds for each VW horse to pull, compared with 14.3 for the Infiniti)."

"The five-valve V-8 is smooth and purrs demurely at high revs. It’s hard, though, for even an excellent engine to shine when buried in such a weighty pile of metal. It doesn’t help that when you prod the throttle, you feel as if the message has to walk down the hall, open the engine-bay door, and slowly wake up the sleeping motor."
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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