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Perhaps it's the Adaptive Transmission...

I noticed the same problem with my second V8. I reset the transmission and it was fine (it was adapting to my gentle break-in driving). To reset the transmission, turn off the car then turn the key so all the engine lights come-on (don't restart it). Push the peddle slowly all the way to the floor, hold it for second and release it. Repeat another 1-2 times.

This description of the Adaptive Transmission is straight from VWoA.

VW's Adaptive Transmission is an electronically controlled automatic transmission that continuously selects from a range of sift strategies to match the driver's needs and driving style. During sporty driving, the transmission holds the lower gears longer to keep the engine in its most powerful range. It also shifts down more quickly in response to gas pedal movement for maximum acceleration. When the transmission is driven for the best fuel economy, it shifts to the highest gears as soon as practical and maintains higher gears longer. The control unit gathers information from speed and load sensors, throttle pedal actuation and the engine control module. Because it continuously monitors these conditions, the transmission is able to respond to any change in driving style with an appropriate shift strategy.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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