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I've had my Touareg for 3 weeks now. I am truly in love.
So over the weekend I took an 1100 mile trip from central NJ to Columbus Ohio to visit my Kids. The Touareg had 500 miles on it when I left so I wouldn't consider it to even be worn in. On the way out I got 18.2 mpg and on the way back I got 17.8 mpg. For the most part I was cruising at 75-85 mph with a few short bursts at 100 mph (nice!) over somewhat hilly roadways. I'm pretty impressed that I got almost exactly the advertised highway mileage. I have never owned an SUV that even came close to it's advertised milage.
My last car was a 2002 V8 Explorer and I never got over 14 mpg no matter what. Right before I got my Touareg I priced a 2005 Explorer just for s**ts & giggles. I cant believe that Ford has the nerve to price that dinosaur in the same range as a Touareg. There is just no comparison.
Thats all. I just wanted to share my glee. I've seen a few fuel mileage complaints on this board so I thought I would try to even it out.
Is anyone getting BETTER than advertised mileage?
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