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V8 Exhaust Noise upon Heavy Acceleration

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Wondering if any other V8 owners out there have heard this noise. With your window rolled down (to hear better) and upon heavy acceleration - floor it - at about the time the tranny would shift into 2nd gear I hear a rattleing noise coming from the exhaust system. Sounds like a quarter rattling around inside of a tin can. It lasts until I back off of the accelerator.

Here's the kicker -

I just had it in for my 5,000 service and asked them to look into it. 2 weeks later - that's right 2 weeks - the dealer was stumped with the noise, so they called in the VW Service Head for my area. He simply stated that what I was hearing was "normal" exhaust noise for a V8.

Thinking that they were trying to pull a fast one, I asked to test drive a brand new T-Reg to compare and TO MY SUPRISE it sounded the exact same. Now, I realize that it may be "normal" from VW meaning that they all are doing it but it surely does not sound "normal".

Anyone else hear this noise???
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I am pretty sure this has already been figured out. Only problem is I am lazy and never got around to implementing the fix so I don't remember EXACTLY what it is. :oops: With that said I think it is the heat shield around the exhaust. I believe the fix was to slightly bend the corner of the heat shield away from the exhaust. Had something to do with the heat shield having too much play and slapping against the exhaust under heavy acceleration. BTW I was positive that this had been resolved until I saw the post from Spockcat. He lives on these board so now I'm starting to think I had a dream about the fix. :)


WOW 118K that's AWESOME! :clapclap: I loved my Touareg while I had it. When I turned it in the transmission had failed :anger: think it had 50K on the odometer. Ever had any trans problems? Anyway, never did correct this issue. If I still had the T-Reg I would put an Electronic Cutout on it. I have them on my Pontiac G8 GT and the sound is amazing!!! Goes from stock to sounding like its running on angry Lions at the push of a button. :twisted:

I have an '05 V8 and have that same noise on heavy acceleration..must be normal, done it since new..I have 118K no change for better or worse..sounds kinda' cool.
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