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Exhaust Noise

I have also had this same problem. The only time the noise is really bad is after the truck has sat for a while. The first 3 times I took it to the dealer they couldn't even hear the noise? (Idiots) The best way I would describe this noise is how when you were a kid and put a playing card on the wheel of your bike to make that fluttering sound. I have had multiple people ask me what's wrong with my Touareg because of the sound it would make as I would accelerate quikly. Finally the dealership let me drive another V-8 and it too made the same awful sound. The dealership told me it was do to the "High output Exhaust." Either way this truck is to expensive to hear such a horrible sound when accelerating quickly. The worst part is my brother has a Porsche Cayenne and his sounds great all the time. I told the dealership they should replace the Exhaust not only because it bothers me but because it's bad publicity when everyone turns their head to see what's making that horrible sound!
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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