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V8 Exhaust Noise upon Heavy Acceleration

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Wondering if any other V8 owners out there have heard this noise. With your window rolled down (to hear better) and upon heavy acceleration - floor it - at about the time the tranny would shift into 2nd gear I hear a rattleing noise coming from the exhaust system. Sounds like a quarter rattling around inside of a tin can. It lasts until I back off of the accelerator.

Here's the kicker -

I just had it in for my 5,000 service and asked them to look into it. 2 weeks later - that's right 2 weeks - the dealer was stumped with the noise, so they called in the VW Service Head for my area. He simply stated that what I was hearing was "normal" exhaust noise for a V8.

Thinking that they were trying to pull a fast one, I asked to test drive a brand new T-Reg to compare and TO MY SUPRISE it sounded the exact same. Now, I realize that it may be "normal" from VW meaning that they all are doing it but it surely does not sound "normal".

Anyone else hear this noise???
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I'm the first to admit I am anal. Is this something I have to live with or is it something that can be fixed?

The Sales Manager suggested an after market exhaust tip - which I quickly cringed at, but?
I found out what the problems is -- I took my Treg to a exhaust shop and the problem is in the OEM muffler. I had them replace the rear muffler with a dual Flowmaster exhaust system and WHAMMO it sounds great. I also had them remove the 2 front catalytic converters and straight pipe to the Flowmasters. Picked up major horsepower (not sure how much) and sounds really sweet with no hum or resonance. And for half of the price the Fabspeed set is for sale now on Treg Central. Trick is metric pipe sizing. VW uses a funky size not standard in US so I had them blow it up to 3" -- better air flow anyways. Since the oxygen sensor is in front of the second set of catalytic converters (that I removed) the Treg is smog legal in Cali.

Power to the People!!!
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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