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V6 or V8?

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Would anybody know if someone should get a new 05 V6 or V8?
I really cannot decide so maybe you guys can help.
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I was in the same boat - I looked at a few 6's and 8's, I ended up buying a 5k mile 8 with xenons, winter pkg, and upgraded sound - I'm very happy with the purchase. I loved the 6, but some of the options scared me for reliablity - the air for one - very cool option, but I am not sure how well its reliability will prove to be. I couldn't afford a new 8 with what I wanted, you'll never find a totally stripped 8 - at least I couldn't. I could afford a well appointed 6. The 6 simply wasn't fast enough for me. The 8 is more than enough - plus you get a very nice throaty sound that makes me happy to give it the gas.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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