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V6 or V8?

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Would anybody know if someone should get a new 05 V6 or V8?
I really cannot decide so maybe you guys can help.
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I have a well equiped V6, air, xenon, leather, locking rear diff. A little harder to find some options with a V6. If you tow, you should get the V8. If you need to be the fastest one on the road, get the V8. My V6 pulls just fine up any mountain highway i have driven here in Colorado, at the speed limit and usually keeping below 4000 rpm. I might just be old and slow but 4000 is my red line, if a car doesn't last at least 10 years it is a poor car in my opinion, and believe me they dont last if driven over 4000 regularly. I am not quite at 10,000 miles and have yet to floor it, (and probably never will). I dont mind having those Grand Cherokees rip past me at 80 mph going up to the Eisehower Tunnel on I-70. 60-65 mph is fine for me. I have noticed a very steep drop-off in mpg when I drive 80-85 through Utah, I loose 4-7 mpg compared to 70-75 mph. I have no idea, but wonder if the V8 would do better in long stretches at 85. Make sure you test drive on roads you drive a lot, find a hill if you can, and put three passengers in (very important).
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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